Welcome to another exciting year of band at Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts! Here is some information to put in your calendar as we head into the ’15-’16 school year.
Thurs May 25, 2017
BAND ONLY: 1) Read the following link: Band Assignment & article link2) Write a 1 page response (12 font, double spaced) 3) Parent signature your paper indicating your parent is aware of the assignment and why it has been assigned. Submit to Ms. Esquivel before 8 am bell Thursday May 26.

Performance Dates (concert dress):
January 27, 2016 @ 6:30 the Atheneum, Mid-Winter Band Concert
May 18, 2016 @ 6:30 the Atheneum, Spring Band and Choir Concert

In school performances (regular uniform):
Rocket Run Pep Rally
Christmas Carols (week before X-Mas)
Others TBD

Concert Dress:
Girls - black shoes, black dress or skirt, white top
Boys - black shoes, black socks, white shirt

Rehearsal and Performance Readiness:
  • Students must come to school with their instrument on band days (Tuesday/Thursday.)
  • Students must come prepared to each rehearsal with music, pencil, reeds, etc.
  • Students will respect other musicians (students, and teacher) and do their best.
  • Students will set up for band and be ready to play 5 minutes after the period begins.

2 or more tardy or unprepared rehearsals will result in an e-mail home.
Playing in an ensemble is really a team effort. Each individual contribution adds to the whole. When one person is missing, no matter the instrument, it affects the entire group. Bring your equipment and a positive attitude each week!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns