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Below you'll see the projects and units of study with important links and notes for students in Confirmation III.

U4: Martyrdom & Saints
Confirmation Saint Project

U2: Origins of the Church: Pentecost & Ascension
1) AD Episode 1: The Tomb is Open
Episode 1: The Tomb is Open Part 1 Review
2) AD Episode 2: The Body is Gone
Episode 2 Review

Artists' Depictions of the Pentecost (links to art)

U1: Active Catholic Prayer

1) Actively Praying Project
Lesson Plan Template

2) Planning the Lectio Divina

Parts of the Lectio Divina:
1) Lectio (Reading)
2) Meditatio (Reflection)
3) Oratio (Response)
4) Contemplio (Rest)
  1. Opening prayer
  2. Determine what Gospel passage you are using
  3. Develop a list of reflection questions students will reflect on
  4. Choose peaceful reflection music to play during Contemplio
  5. Closing prayer

Lectio Divina 8th Grade Calendar

U4: Living the Creed
Nicene Creed

U3: Martyrdom & Sainthood
Confirmation Saint Project

U2: Pentecost & the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

AD Episode 1: The Tomb is Open
1/8/16 Review
1/12/16 Review
1/13/16 Review
1/14/16 Review
1/15/16 Review

AD Episode 2

AD Episode 3

Stained Glass Window Example