Thurs, May 25, 2017
BAND ONLY: 1) Read the following link: Band Assignment & article link Article link here 2) Write a 1 page response (12 font, double spaced) 3) Parent signature your paper indicating your parent is aware of the assignment and why it has been assigned. Submit to Ms. Esquivel before 8 am bell Thursday May 26.
Math: NH
Science: Reply/ Answer reflection Q

Wednesday, May 24
ELA: 1.Read your homeroom's arguments (Key; Petersen) 2. Vote for the MOST PERSUASIVE ARGUMENT (Key; Petersen)
Math: NH

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
ELA: 1. 15-20 minutes drafting 2. Study for Lesson 8 & 9 Wordly Wise final (as directed!)

Monday, May 22, 2017
ELA: 1. All evidence for all body paragraphs done (including counterclaim & rebuttal) 2. Create works cited page at end of argument 3. Start studying for WW final!
MathPreAlg: Finish study guide, test on Thurs
MathAlg: Test tomorrow on quadratics
Science: Study for final science assessment: All of Ch 3 Environmental Science

Friday, May 19
ELA: 15-20 solid minutes drafting
MathPreAlg: First page of study guide, test on Wed
MathAlg: 2nd column of solving quadratics sheet, test on Tuesday

Thur, May 18, 2017
ELA: 1. Spend 8 minutes researching evidence for reasons for film & submit your thesis on your class's Google form (email) 2. WW9E & test tomorrow (STUDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!)
MathPreAlg: p 314 #7-14
MathAlg: Quadratic Formula wksht (both sides)
Science: Complete RANT for Ch 3.4 Forests & Fisheries pp102-107

Wed, May 17, 2017
ELA:1. Complete pages 2-3 of planning packet for "Which movie?" -- research for both reasons/ev & counterclaim/rebuttal 2. WW 9D + 9E & Test Friday
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: NH
Science:Complete RANT for Ch 3.3 Human Population pp 98-101
watch Crash Course- Human Population Growth; + 3 things you learned

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
ELA: 1. Do page 3 of study guide & self check (link on 8th ELA page) 2. Brainstorm & submit film propsal by 11:59pm (Key; Petersen) 3. WW 9D & 9E due Friday & test
MathPreAlg: Quiz tomorrow on Pythag, Field trip tomorrow - bring lunch or $ for lunch
MathAlg: Quiz tomorrow on graphing/solving quadratics, p 473 #1-10 on LL

Monday, May 15, 2017
ELA:1. pages 1-2 in packet (link to "Knick Knack") 2. Due Friday: WW 9D & E & Lesson 9 test
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Pythag Theorem," quiz on Thurs
MathAlg: Practice problems on 8th Math Alg1 page, complete in notebook, quiz on Wed
Science: Complete Quick Lab Q's; study for Ch 3.1 Environmental Issues assessment Tues (vocab + application of ideas)

Friday, May 12, 2017
ELA: 1. WW 9C due Mon. 2. If in class: 10 minutes on ALWtW theme paragraph (If not in class, 30 minutes)
MathPreAlg: p 300 #11-15
MathAlg: p 467 #1-16 + Try These B due on Monday 5/15
Science: Watch LORAX video(25 min) and answer 'After you Watch! Lorax Q's 3,4,5 (see Q's on 8 Sci wiki page).

Thurs, May 11, 2017
ELA: 1. Back side of planning sheet: theme & examples + input statement of theme (Key's HR); (Petersen's HR) 2. WW 9B due tom
MathPreAlg: Test tomorrow on transformations/similar figures
MathAlgPer2: p 469 #1-16 + Try These B due on Monday 5/15, quiz tomorrow
MathAlgPer3: Finish square root wksht (make sure you simplify square roots), quiz tomorrow
Science: Complete R&R ws after RANT for Ch 3.1 Environmental Issues.
SS: Study, Part I and Part II posted to wiki.

Wed, May 10, 2017
ELA: 1. Front side of planning workshet (2 SWBSTF) 2. WW9B due Friday
MathPreAlg: Finish Study Guide to including #70, test on Friday
MathAlg: p 458 #13-23 (skip #19), quiz on Friday
Science: Intro to Human Impact Unit - watch & take notes BrainPop: Humans & Environment List 1 thing that surprised you, 2 areas discussed, 3 things you learned.
SS: study

Tuesday May 9, 2017
ELA: 1. Read & notes for chapters 15, 16, and 17 of ALWtW 2. WW9A due tomorrow
MathPreAlg: Study Guide up to #50 (including), test on Friday
MathAlg: Solving Quadratics Factoring Method wksht #1-14, quiz on Friday on solving
Science: 1) Double check biome rubric to include ALL required content. Share w/Mrs. Merten 2) Prepare for in-class written responses for Stds: MS-LS2-4 & MS-LS2-2 (see rubric)
SS: 1) Bingo numbers 1-25, and 2) Study. Test on Tuesday/Wednesday

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Due Tuesday, May 9th: Read & notes on chapters 11, 12, 13, and 14 with notes
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: NH
Spanish: NH Have a Great Trip. Practice Espanol!!! PLAY Games / Watch Spanish shows with subtitles!!!

Monday May 1, 2017
ELA:1. Read chapter 10 and notes for ALWtW 2. Study for Greek & Latin root summative tomorrow!
MathPreAlg: Dilation wksht #1-22
MathAlg: p 464 #4, 5, 6, quiz tomorrow on graphing quadratics (NOTE: #5 has a decimal for vertex)
Science: Assigned Biome Research- complete points 1-5 tonight. NOAA link (climate)
SS: Fix, update, or do your Washington DC slides

Friday, April 28, 2017
ELA: 1. Read & notes for chapters 7, 8, and 9 2. Greek & Latin root FINAL (summative) with sens & cog on Tuesday!
MathAlg: Finish work on wiki due Mon
MathPreAlg: Finish work on wiki due Mon

Thursday, April 27, 2017
ELA: 1. Read chapters 4-6 2. Complete summary/challenge notes for these chapters
SS: D.C. slides due Monday
MathAlg: book problems p. 459 & 464 due Monday
MathPreAlg: NH

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
ELA: practice counterclaim/rebuttal section (no more than 10 minutes)
SS: Washington DC slides due Monday, will present Monday/Tuesday

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
MathPreAlg: NH (no class, Math Aspire tomorrow)
MathAlg: NH (no class today, Math Aspire tomorrow)

Monday, April 24, 2017
ELA: Ch. 2-3 of ALWtW & notes
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg NH

Friday, April 21, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish chapter 1 and summary for Salva + challenges 2. Study for Greek & Latin root test (Monday!)
MathPreAlg: Golden Ratio table for your celebrity (see wiki for description of measurements)
MathAlg: Graphing Quadratic Function wksht + vertex and axis of symmetry.
Science: (RAT)Read, Annotate+ complete Text Boxes Ch2.3 Biomes pp 58-67 AND Ch 2.4 Aquatic Biomes pp 68-71.
Spanish: Petersen: Number/ Alphabet WS Key: Unfinished WS

Thursday, April 20, 2017
ELA: 1. Read through & examine "South Sudan Timeline" & answer 2 questions (posted on wiki) in section 3 of ELA ntbk 2. Sentences 6-10 of Greek/Latin root words
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Scale Factors"
MathAlg: p 433 #1-3, 6-7
Science: Complete WS as prep for Biogeography assessment FRi.
Spanish: Present Prompt #1 50-75 words

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
ELA: 1. Revise & screenshot word cloud onto Google doc 2. plan out specific evidence to prove each idea for paragraph 3. Sentences 1-5 of Greek/Latin root words
MathPreAlg: 1) p 270 #10-14 2) quiz tomorrow on transformations
MathAlg: NH (test today)
Science: Ch 2.5 Biogeography - read, notes, text boxes - be prepared for assessment Friday.
Religion: Complete Confirmation GoogleForm by tonight!
Spanish: WS- Past Tense /Present Chart AR- Describe the picture in detail

Tues, April 18, 2016
ELA: 1. Word cloud on Google doc (min of 9 words) 2. Visuals & definitions for "sens" words due tomorrow
8PreAlg: Transformation wksht
8Alg: test tomorrow polynomials
Spanish: Write what should you do before, during, and after a Spanish presentation. What makes a good presentation? 15 things
Science: Study 'Cycles of Matter' vocab & key ideas for vocab assessment Wed.
SS: 1) Name plate and state. 2) Education bill (1st and 3rd periods only) 3) Come up with your own bill that can be debated in class.

Wed April 12, 2017
ELA: In section 3 of ntbk, picture analysis of 4 photos (what does it mean to be a refugee?)
MathAlg: Finish study guide, test on Wed, April 20
MathPreAlg: NH
Science: Ch 2.2 Cycles of Matter- RANT should be completed. Review Tues 4.18.17; Vocab assessment Wed 4.19.17.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
ELA: Ted Talk & worksheet
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: Finish study guide up to and including #114
Science: NH - Cycles of Matter RANT to be completed before next week, Tues 4.18.
Spanish: Selena Project Should be Done or Close to Done- Only 10 minutes to work on it tomorrow!

Monday, April 10, 2017
ELA: 1. Create works cited section 2. Add in-text citation for all evidence
MathPreAlg: 1) Finish Reflection wksht (write symbolic representation also!) 2) Fractal pictures due tomorrow
MathAlg: Study Guide finish all up to p 12
Science: Study for Energy in ecosystem assessment: vocab + applications.

Friday, April 7, 2017
ELA: 1. 10 minutes drafting (goal = first draft donzo) 2. Print your draft double spaced (no works cited page needed for the draft)
Science:s Complete RANT for Ch 2.1 Energy Flow in Ecosystems pp38-49. Prep for assessment Monday on vocab + application of energy pyramid. See 8 Sci wiki for specific learning outcomes. BrainPop: Energy Pyramid
Spanish: Start Drafting Selena Project-
Important information about her life-
Bring in Posters if using one

Thursday, April 6, 2017
ELA: 1. Hook on outline 2. Watch & notes on call to action (in sec. 3 of ELA ntbk)
MathPreAlg: 1) Watch Fractal video + answer questions (tape questions into notebook) 2) Finish Buzz Math "Reflections"
MathAlg: Finish Rational Polynomials wksht by Mon 4/10
Science: 1) Complete Exhale CO2 lab Q's 2) M2 & M3: RANT- text Ch 2.1 Energy Flow in Ecosystems pp38-49. Due Mon
SS: P2/P3: Read "Race Matters" Supreme Court case, research the verdict.
Spanish: Key- Selena Questions 20-21 Thorough Mr. P- Finish Questions / Project Proposals

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
MathPreAlg: p 234 #1-8 in book
MathAlg: NH, quiz tomorrow on factoring
ELA: 1. 20 minutes research/drafting (goal: body paragraphs 1&2 drafted)
Science: Thurs Assessment on: Cell Energy/Cell Respiration + relationship between photosynthesis & cellular respiration. vocab, plus written explanation & cycle sketches. Lab Analysis Q's may be answered AFTER assessment & submitted when completed.
Spanish: Mr. P- Selena Questions 20-21 Full Sentences

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
ELA: 1. Revise reasons & make sure have 2 pieces of evidence for body paragraph 1 & 2 2. supporting reason for counterclaim & supporting supporting evidence (and source) on outline
MathPreAlg: 1) Buzz Math "More Translations on a Coordinate Grid" 2) Picture of Golden Ratio
MathAlg: Per2 - p 403 All Try These + p 405 #1-11, Per3: 405 #1-11
Science: Plan 'Exhale CO2 Lab' - complete procedure, materials needed (including safety), data table; ID variables, constants - see notes from 4.4.17
Spanish: Summary of Selena Movie- Atleast 5 sentences en Espanol

Monday, April 3, 2017
ELA: 1. Make copy of doc 2. Research & decide on reason + supporting evidence for body paragraphs 1 & 2 (input link for source) 3. Share with Mrs. Pattee
SS: Judicial Branch. Read and annotate p. 36, answer #1-20, #1-3 and read and annotate p.37, answer #1-4
MathPreAlg: 1) Finish watching video 2) Answer Fibronacci questions in notebook 3) take and email picture of Fibonacci in nature
MathAlg: p 401 #1-12
Science: Cell Energy/Cellular Respiration assessment Thurs (vocab + sketch & info re: relationship between photosynthesis & cellular respiration.

Friday, Mar 31, 2017
ELA: 1. Watch & notes on counterclaim (glue into sec 3) 2. Annotate 1/2 sheet of counterclaim according to directions (also glued in section 3)
MathPreAlg: p 231 #1-14
MathAlg: Factoring with GCF wksht
Spanish: NH
Health: Illinois Safe Haven paragraph

Thurs, Mar 30, 2017
ELA: 1. Read & questions for sample argument analysis 2. Sentences with context clues for "cogn/sci" words 6-10 & study for test tomorrow
MathPreAlg: test tomorrow
MathAlg: p 378 #10-17 odds, p 380 #13-22 odds (Per3 also finish Mult wksht from class)
Spanish: FInal Draft of Story- Turn Rough Draft and 5 Elements of Story

Wednesday, Mar 29, 2017
ELA: 1. Watch & take guided notes on "parts of an argument" 2. Complete sentences 1-5 of Greek/Latin root words
MathPreAlg: Finish study guide
MathAlg: 1) watch FOIL video + notes 2) p 375 #24-35 in book
Spanish: Selena Bookmark / Questions
SS: Amendment worksheets in constitution (all worksheets should be completed in this section)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
ELA: Greek & Latin root packet pg. 2 (visuals & definitions) -- test Friday
MathPreAlg: Study Guide #1-10 due tomorrow, test on Friday
MathAlg: p 366 (whole page - when asking for additive inverse, just solve)
Science: Complete SCE #3 & share w/ Mrs. Merten - presentations Wed
SS: 1. Complete amendment slides and copy/paste into class powerpoint. 2. Do graphic organizer page in your amendments section in your Constitution.

Monday, March 27, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish "The Necklace" 2. Watch "Feast" and Google form -- Key HR -- Petersen HR
SS: 9 of 27 amendment group slides due. Present on Wednesday.
MathPreAlg: Quad wksht #1-14 (write equations)
MathAlgPer2: p 360 Try These A, Try These B, p 363 #8-18
MathAlgPer3: Polynomials wksht

Friday, March 17, 2017
ELA: Somebody - Wanted - But - So ... summary wkst with Fah 451
MathPreAlg: Finish p 227 #1-11 on LL if did not finish in class
MathAlg: NH (unless at pizza lunch - watch video on wiki + notes)
Science: NH over SB

Thursday, Mar 16, 2017
ELA: 1. Theme worksheet for F451 2. WW Lesson 8D & E due tomorrow 3. WW Lesson 8 test tomorrow (going for 4's!!!)
MathPreAlg: Finish Triangle packet
MathAlg: Test tomorrow on exponents/radicals/sci not
Spanish: First Draft of Story Due March 28. Use Rubric
Wed, March 15, 2017
ELA: 1. Read & summary for 138 - 148 2. WW D & E due Friday 3. No Red Ink due Friday
MathPreAlg: Triangle Angles packet #1-12 only
MathAlg: Finish study guide, test on Friday
Science: Develop Citation/Sources info for Photosynthesis Paragraph. Use text (e-z bib) and online resources from photosynthesis webquest/self-directed learning. Online sources will need to be cited manually.
SS: Executive Branch quiz
Religion: Pentecost and Gifts of the Holy Spirit Assessment

Spanish: Create the Story elements for your Story- Has to be Original and in Spanish

Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017
ELA: 1. Read 130-138 (break) & summarize 2. Finish "Lottery" and Somebody -Wanted (front side) 3. WW D & E due Friday & No Red Ink (skip to checkpoint)
MathPreAlg: p 215 #1-16, quiz tomorrow on angle relationships (study the angle definitions!)
MathAlg: Study Guide Scientific Notation page, test on Friday
Science: Complete Photosynthesis Draft paragraph & print.
Study for Science for photosynthesis assessment Wed.
Spanish: Read "Los Tres Cerditos". Write Down the Story Elements en Espanol.

Mon March 13, 2017
ELA: 1. Read 119-130 (break & summarize) 2. No Red Ink (up to a lot) 3. WW 8D due Wed
MathPreAlg: Angles & Transversal Packet, quiz on Wednesday
MathAlg: Solving Radical Equations wksht (both sides), test on Friday
Science: Complete photosynthesis ws (front & back); Assessment Wed

Thurs, March 9, 2017
ELA: 1. Read & summary of 99-119 (break) 2.WW8B & 8C due Mon 3. NoRedInk --3 sections due Tuesday
MathPreAlg: p 207 #1-14 in book
MathAlgPer2: Mixed Operations wksht
MathAlgPer3: 1) Rationalizing Denominator wksht back column #1 2) Mixed Operations wksht
Science: Complete Photosynthesis Lesson + be able Photosynthesis/TES
SS: Finish "HELP WANTED" and gift quiz on Monday

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
ELA: 1. Read & summary of 88-98 2. NoRedInk (commonly confused words - first 3 sections) 3. WW8B & C due Mon.
MathPreAlg: Finish angle relationships packet (writing and solving equations)
MathAlg: Per2 - Dividing SqRt wksht (front side only) Per3: NH
Science: Bring own earbuds/ headphones for Thurs- finish incomplete assessment assignments.
SS: Q1 and Q2 quiz corrections
Spanish: Read passage on WS. Write a summary and answer in complete sentences

Tuesday, Mar 7, 2017
ELA: 1. Read & summary of 76-88 2. WW 8A due tom. 3. NRI sections due Thurs.
MathPreAlg: 1) Supp/Comp wksht #1-4 and #16-22 2) p 206 #6-18 in book
MathAlg: Key only: Multiplying Square Roots wksht (both sides)
Spanish: Read the passage. Write short summary in ENG of what do you think is happening. Answer the questions in Complete sentences in SPN
Science: Assessment: Ch 1.3 Interactions among orgs; Ch 1.4 Changes in Community- vocab + writing.
SS: Executive Branch and Cabinet (blue pages)

Monday, Mar 6, 2017
ELA: 1. Read pages 67-76 and write summary in ELA ntbk (sec. 2 or 3 your choice) 2. WW 8A due Wed.
MathPreAlg: Petersen only: comp/supp wksht (Key will make up work in class tomorrow)
MathAlg: Petersen only: Multiplying Square Roots wksht (both sides)

Friday, March 3, 2017
ELA: read 50-65 in Fah. 451 and write summay in sec. 2 of ELA ntbk
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: Adding & Subtracting Radicals wksht (both sides) + quiz on scientific notation on Monday/Tuesday
Science: Assessment WED on Ch 1.3 Interactions among organisms & 1.4 Changes in Communities. Use study packet to review vocab and factors affecting populations/communities.
SS: Read final section of Legislative Branch packet (Congress can/cannot do) and answer questions. 2) Legislative Branch quiz on Monday.

Thursday, Mar 2, 2017
ELA: 1. Re-read pages 21 (after break)-23 and draw 5C's picture of The Hound (Clear - Color - Complete - Correct - Caption) -- specifics on ELA wiki page
SS: Legislative Branch (Read/annotate 17/18, answer all questions except "Projects" on page 19)
Science: NH
MathPreAlg: Finish study guide, test tomorrow
MathAlg: 1) Finish Buzz Math 2) p 301 Try These B + p 302 whole page
Spanish: WS

Wednesday, March 1
Science: annotate pages and copy vocab for pages 18-27 in ntbk & do textboxes (I'm talking to you, Lizzie!)
ELA: Read "Gift of the Magi" for tomorrow's reading assessment
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: NH
SS: 1) Read and Annotate page 16 of the Legislative Branch (green worksheets). Answer questions 1-4 and T/F 1-7. 2) Watch the Crash Course Video: Bicameral Congress and answer the question below the video.

Tuesday, Feb 28, 2017
ELA: "Study Guide" with "Cask of Amontillado"
MathPreAlg: Study Guide #56-61 (No Desmos)
MathAlg: Simplifying Radicals wksht (front side only)
Science: NH (if Butterfly is colored & up)

Mon Feb 27, 2017
ELA: 1.Watch 3 TED videos on irony 2. Irony wkst
MathPreAlg: p 195 all in book
MathAlg: Scientific Notation wksht (odds only)
Science: Vocab assessment Tues Ch 1.1 Living Things & Environment + Ch 1.2 Populations - complete ws pkt.

Fri Feb 24, 2017
MathPreAlg: p 197 #1-3, quiz on Monday
MathAlg: p 297 #1-5, #11, #12, #28-32 on LL, quiz on Monday
Science: (1) Complete RANT on Ch 1.2 Populations + Sec. Review p 33 (Lesson 1&2) (2) complete QL Orgs & Habitats WS.
Spanish: pg 345 Write 5 Questions using 5 different verbs in different conjugations

Thurs, Feb 23, 2017
ELA: 1. Summarize "Cask of Amontillado" 2. Choir: pick 6 words to determine meaning of words in context
MathPreAlg: Elimination wksht, odds only
MathAlg: : p. 296 9-18
Science: Complete Ch1.1 in new text RANT
SS: Notes and Preamble
Spanish: Shows tomorrow

Wednesday, Feb. 22
ELA: 1. Read 45-all of 50 (last line at bottom)
2. Take assigned note: 1s=B (STEAL analysis of supporting character) 2s= C (Word Master) 3s= D (Summarizer) 4s = A (STEAL analysis of Guy)
Spanish: WS Front and Back

Tuesday, Feb. 21
ELA: 1. As directed, finish station work 2. For tomorrow, make notecard with "cheat sheet" of anything from stations today 3. NoRed Ink -- 2 sections due Thursday
Science: NH
SS: Articles of Confederation discussion questions and vocab (on wiki)
Math PreAlg 1: Elimination WKSHT
Math Alg: Negative Eponent WKSHT

Spanish: Watch video

Thursday, Feb 16, 2017
SS: Notecards on first 15 amendments (see wiki for weblinks)
MathPreAlg: Virtual Nerd "How do you solve a system of equations with elimination?" + notes
MathAlg: Exponent properties wksht
ELA: wkst for writing prompt planning

Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017
MathPreAlg: Quiz tomorrow on graphing/substitution methods, (Extra Practice: p 197 #1a-c)
MathAlg: NH (test today)
ELA: WW7E and Test tom.
Science: Presentation due tom.
Spanish: quiz tom.

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2016
MathPreAlg: Substitution/Graphing systems wksht (both sides), quiz on Thurs
MathAlg: Test tomorrow on systems

Monday, Feb 13 2017
ELA: 1. Read up to p. 21 and do summary on Google form (Key; Petersen) 2. WW 7D due Wed.
MathAlg: Finish study guide
MathPreAlg: WS
Science: Complete ALL research and copy writing for new material research - place info & imbed links in google doc w/ header info.
New Materials Google Doc Info
SS: Research for CC and citations
Spanish: Study Guide and WS

Friday, Feb 10, 2017
ELA: 1. In section 3, Pre-reading for F451 2. WW 7C due Mon.
MathAlg: Study guide due on Tues (will have time to work on Monday
MathPreAlg: Substitution wksht
Science: Complete New Materials research
SS: Packet
Spanish: WS Complete Sentences and Study Guide

Thursday, Feb 9, 2017
MathPreAlg: Watch Virtual Nerd "How do you use the substitution method to solve systems of equations?" + notes
MathAlg: Solving Systems of Equations wksht + System Inequalities wksht (may use Desmos for all, disregard directions at top of pages, do not need to sketch graphs)
SS: Research sources for argumentative essay
ELA: Side of wksht with lines, WW7A and B
Science: NH
Spanish: p. 76 on wksht

Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017
ELA: 1. Read "Harrison Bergeron" pp. 101-106 and write 8-10 sentence summary with transitions! (starting with section in section 2 4) 2. No Red Ink: commas with FANBOYS and commas with compounds
Science: Watch BrainPop link Plastics+ take notes on ALL (1) new materials & uses (2) benefits of plastics AND (3) drawbacks.
PreAlg: Graphing systems packet
Alg: p 281 #1-9 in book
Art: Bio due tomorrow (Key)
Spanish: p 168 Actividad 17
SS: Brainstorming for essay

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017
ELA: 1. Paraphase & visualize dystopian characteristic and control notes 2. review types of irony 3. NRI: 2 sections (Thurs) 4. WW 7A & 7B due Friday
MathPreAlg: p 187 #1-13 (graph systems on graph paper), quiz tomorrow on graphing systems
MathAlg: Graphing Systems of Inequalities wksht (both sides)
PE: Unit test on basketball and floor hockey on Friday (handouts under PE and Health tab)
SS: Complete all decades notes and group work collaboration form (GWCF)
Science: In Sci NB: (1)Complete 5 W's & H on Rathin Datta (2) Write GIST for main idea (What, why), (3) ID author purpose, text structure w/reasoning.
Spanish: pg 167 Actividad 16 Answer in Complete Sentences!!!

Monday, Feb 6, 2017
ELA: 1. Irony worksheet -- type & explain (both sides) 2. NRI: 2 sections due Tuesday 3.WW 7A due Wed.
MathPreAlg: Graphing Systems wksht, quiz on graphing systems on Wed
MathAlg: 1) Finish p 271 #1-12 (skip #5-6) 2) Watch Virtual Nerd "How do you graph a system of linear inequalities?" + notes
Science: NH
SS: Study Guides due Wed.
Spanish: Actividad 13 & 14
Art: Bio

Friday, Feb 3, 2017
ELA: 1. Due Monday: notes on irony & practice in section 3 of ELA ntbk 2. Listen to musical parodies (check email) and vote for at least 2 categories 3. NRI -- 2 sections due Tuesday
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Points of Intersection"
MathAlg: Systems Word Problem wksht (finish from class)
Science: Complete Conservation of Mass Project & share w/Mrs. Merten

Spanish: pg 165 Actividad 13 y 14 Complete Sentences

Thursday, Feb 2, 2017
ELA: 1. Greek & latin root test tomorrow--study 2. Irony notes and practice due Monday 3. NRI -- 2 sections due Tuesday
MathPreAlg: p 182-183 #1-3 and Try These A
MathAlg: Systems wksht #1-9

Science: Continue 'Conservation of Mass' project: gather ideas, materials, take images & email to self, etc. Develop copy description for each reaction type.
Spanish: pagina 162 Actividad 6 y 7 Oraciones Completap

Wednesday, Feb. 1
ELA: 1. Greek & Latin root sentences 6-10 2. If possible, assigned/record song (and bring in device) using directions to record parody lyrics
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: Buzz Math "Elimination Method"
Science: Brainstorm for creative ideas to portray synthesis, decomposition, and replacement reactions (single & double)
SS: Study Guides due Wed.
Art: Bio due Thurs (Key) Tues (Pete)
Spanish: Questions on LL

Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017
ELA: 1. Greek & Latin root sentences 1-5 2. revisions to parody lyrics 3.
If possible: Use iMovie to record & follow directions to upload parody lyrics to vimeo (Thank you!)
Spanish: pagina 157 Create your own sentences using the Bolded Blue Words-
SS: Study Guide
MathPreAlg: Finish study guide, test tomorrow
MathAlg: Finish elimination wksht #11-28
Science: NH
Spanish: MR. P Shakira/Carlos Preguntas
Ms. Key Activadad 4 y 5 en el libro pg 161

Monday, Jan 30, 2017
ELA: 1. Greek & Latin root visuals & defs for "pend" 2. Open Response question for "Wood Pile" 3. If possible: Use iMovie to record & follow directions to upload parody lyrics to vimeo
MathPreAlg: Study guide #1-30, test on Wednesday
MathAlgPer2: Elimination wksht front side only, quiz tomorrow on sub/graphing methods
MathAlgPer3: Substution practice, problems on wiki to be completed in notebook, quiz tomorrow on sub/graphing methods
SS: Presentation and study guide due tomorrow
Science: (1) Complete Art reflection writing; (2) Ch 5.2 Describe Chem Rxns assessment Tuesday - see R&R ws from Friday as study guide. All resubmissions for Paragraph/Chem Comic reassessment due

Friday, Jan 27, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish lyrics for musical parody 2. create Google presentation of lyrics
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: NH
Science: (1) Make all 'Chemical Comic' Revisions if requested. (2) Complete R&R ws as study for assessment Tues.
SS: Presentation and guided notes due Tues
Spanish: pagina 147 Comprendes? Finish "Se Vende " AD
Art: Check email for Decades Art Project requirements. Due Feb 2

Thurs, Jan 26, 2017
ELA: 12 minutes on parody (as directed) 2.WW6E 3. Study for Lesson 6 test tomorrow
MathPreAlg: p 415 #12-21
MathAlg: Solving Systems with Substitution
Science: (1) complete pp 178-179 in text. (2) Complete/review notes for 'types of reactions' pp 180-181.
SS: Presentations due Tues
Spanish: Be close to done with house ad.
Art: Check email for Decades Art Project requirements. Due Feb 2.

Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017
ELA: 1.10 minutes writing parody 2. Review tone & mood terms 3. NRI: FANBOYS Functions 4. WW 6E & Test Friday
MathPreAlg: 1) Finish matching functions p 380 with cutouts, 2) p 411 #1-8 in book
MathAlg: p 255 #13-16 (yes, you have to graph them)
Science: 1) signed Lab Report due; 2) complete RANT Ch 5.2 pp170-175; 3) Complete Balancing Equations pp 176-177 read, text, notes in textbook.
SS: Presentations due Monday
Spanish: Pg 145 Actividad 29 and Read page 149

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017
ELA: 1. Map out syllables of the original song (directly on song) 2. WW6D due tomorrow 3. No Red Ink: Identifying functions of FANBOYS due Thurs
MathPreAlg: p 389-390 #5-14
MathAlg: Systems of Equations Graphing wksht (both pages)
Science: (1) Completed Chemical Comic (2) signed lab report by parent - corrections due by Friday w/ original LR
SS: Presentation due Monday
Spanish: WS and Study Chores/ House rooms for Quiz

Monday, Jan 23, 2017
ELA: Parody Project: Researching & Planning (for the Musical Parody) -- select & do tone analysis of song + "humorous topic" 2. Make sure to sign essays! 3. WW 6D
MathPreAlg: Finish all from 8PreAlg wiki page, quiz tomorrow on functions
MathAlg: Finish all from 8Alg wiki page, quiz tomorrow on graphing linear inequalities
Science: Continue 'Chemical Comic' - due Wed 1.25.16 - follow requirement from tan worksheet/ rubric.

Friday, January 20, 2017
SS: Start researching your decade (I suggest watching Crash Course)
ELA: 1. Read/watch/listen to Goodnight Moon and answer questions on 8th ELA wiki page 2. WW8C due Monday
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: NH
Science: M1, M2: Begin 'Chemical Comic' cartoon planning on back of task. Monday class time only for final product - due Wed; M3- complete Post-lab Q's.
Spanish: study for chores quiz on WED

Thursday, Jan 19, 2017
ELA: 1. tone analysis of "Can't Watch This" 2. WW6B 3. get essays signed
MathPreAlg: Continuous Discrete Function wksht
MathAlg: Watch Virtual Nerd "Graphing Linear Inequalities" + notes
Spanish: Finish Review WS / Quiz Tommorow / Prayer Quiz (if not passed)

Wed, Jan 18, 2017
ELA: Compare/contrast & analysis of parody (section 2) 3. NRI (Identifying FANBOYS) due tomorrow 3. WW 6B due Friday 4. Due Friday: signed essays
MathPreAlg: p 371 whole page
MathAlg: Finish study guide, test tomorrow
Science: Complete STEM survey if needed.
SS: Finish packet and annotating (except Last Frontier)
Spanish: Review WS front and back

Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017
ELA: 1. WW 6A due tomorrow 2. in Section 2, mood analysis with paintings 3. No Red Ink (Identifying FANBOYS) section due Thursday
MathPreAlg: p 366-369 #1-21
MathAlg: p 191 #1-25 (finish from class if did not finish), study guide due on Thursday, test Thursday
Science: Complete typed 'Heat Investigation' Lab Report. Due Wed in class. See 8 science wiki page for LR template - be sure to include ALL LR headings in bold.
SS: Group work in decades packet (as assigned by you and your group)
Spanish: Actividad 15 and write down 2 commands in Spanish

Friday, Jan 13, 2017
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: NH
Science: Begin Lab Report- due Wed - see LR template (8 Sci wiki) for headings, info, sequence. Tues class only for LR work.
SS: No HW! Good luck on your tests!!!

Thursday, Jan 12, 2016
MathPreAlg: Writing Rules for Functions wksht
MathAlg: Parallel & Perpendicular wksht odds only (both sides)
Science: Complete planning for 'Heat Investigation' lab.
SS: Identify the big ideas in 32.2: The 1950s: Growth and Prosperity as political, social, cultural, and/or economic.
Spanish: Memorize prayer and wrksht

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017
SS: Complete first two sections of reading and annotations for "Decades" chapter
MathPreAlg: Watch Play-Pose-It video on Functions + notes (will have to sign in for this)
MathAlg: Watch PlayPoseIt video on Writing Equations for Parallel and Perpendicular Lines + notes (will have to sign in for this, then add Class Name as 8Alg NOT 8Alg Period 2)
Science: Complete introduction paragraphs for 'Heat Investigation Lab'
Paragraph 1: Describe General Explanation of Evidence for Chemical Reactions.
Paragraph 2 : Describe results /evidence of chem rxns seen in Sunshine in a Bag. (see your draft)
End intro w/ Problem/Challenge 'Which reactant caused the heat in Sunshine in a Bag?'
Spanish: Mr. P pg 132 Actividad 6 y 7 Key: Actividad 9 pg 133 Write 5 Complete Sentences

Tuesday Jan 10, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish brainstorming topic and main points for prompts 2. create flashcards for unknown vocabulary from Verbal Section of yesterday's test
MathPreAlg: Getting Ready p 356
MathAlg: U5 Practice Test (3), quiz tomorrow on linear equations
Science: Complete 'Interpreting Data' skills practice/ read, annotate, answer Q's (okay to write on packet).
Spanish: Mis Quehaceres Drawing/Sentences & pg 131 Actividad 5

Monday 09, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish Reading Section (8 minutes) 2. Self-check BOTH reading and verbal section -- flashcards will be homework tomorrow (from email)
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: U5 Practice Test (4) wksht, quiz tomorrow on linear equations
Science: Complete R&R ws as prep for assessment Tues 1.10.17.
SS: Upload slide to classroom document. Mr. P will add a comment "Slide Approved" if your slide is approved. If another comment is added, it must be revised or it will be considered late.
Spanish: Notecards on actions and p.128 #1-3

Friday, Jan 06, 2017
ELA: 1. Self check reading HSPT 2. Make flashcards for any unknown vocabulary from vocabulary section
MathPreAlg: Mathematics Section Test F (45 min)
MathAlg: Mathematics Section Test F (45 min)
Science: Ch 5.1 pp160-169 Read/Annotate/Cornell Notes/Complete Textbox +
Lesson 1 Review Q's p189.
SS: Slide on grammar of your choice (DO SLIDE ON YOUR OWN)
Spanish: pg 128 #1-3 and 6 flashcards for vocabulary words on pg 127

Thursday, Jan 05, 2017
ELA: 1. Self-check the reading section of the HSPT you took over break (half sheet) 2. Make flashcards for any unknown vocab on EITHER reading or verbal from today
MathPreAlg: Quantitative Section Test B (30 min)
MathAlg: Quantitative Section Test B (30 min)
Science: Complete draft of 'Sunshine in a Bag' paragraph, explaining what occurred and evidence of chemical rxn.
Spanish: 1-8 Translation of Past Tense & 6 Notecards for Vocabulary Words

Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017
ELA: 1. Self-check verbal section 2. make flashcards for any unknown vocabulary on this section
MathPreAlg: Aspire Packet
MathAlg: Linear Equations Practice Test
Science: NH if SCE #2 has been completed/ shared w/

Monday, Dec 19, 2016
ELA: Complete the HSPT test
Science: Complete SCE#2 and share w/Mrs. Merten
MathPreAlg: NH except for full HSPT test
MathAlg: NH except for full HSPT test
Spanish: Memorize Prayers

Friday, Dec 16, 2016
ELA: Verbal section (16 minutes) -- if you don't finish in the timed amount, put a line where you stopped and then complete the test 2. For any vocabulary that you do NOT know on this verbal section, make flashcards
MathPreAlg: Quantitative Section #3 (30 min)
MathAlg: Quantitative Section #3 (30 min)
Science: Complete SCE #2 presentation & share w/Mrs. Merten (TIP: check detail requirements on rubric sheet; presenting on Monday)
SS: CRM quest on Monday
Spanish: Packet

Thursday, Dec 15, 2016
Bring in materials for care packages !!
ELA: 1. Finish the verbal section test 2. check your answers with answer key
MathPreAlg: No HW
MathAlg: No HW
SS: Complete discussion questions.
Science: Start on ITB and select article if you haven't already

Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016
ELA: 12 minutes with HSPT Vocabulary
MathPreAlg: Quantitative Section #2 (Test C) (30 min)
MathAlg1: Quantitative Section #2 (Test C (30 min)
Spanish: Finish Organizer and STUDY for quiz pg 122
Science: Complete Mystery Powder Lab questions
SS: Questions on doc due Friday
CARE PACKAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016
ELA: 1. Conclusion paragraph worksheet (with video) 2. Revise your planning as needed
MathPreAlg: Mathematics Section #1 (45 min timed)
MathAlg: Mathematics Section #1 (45 min timed)
Science: NH
SS: Discussion questions on "The Blessing of Walls"
Spanish: Finish Poder/Dormir WS pg 46 & Write own Paragraph using 10 Vocabulary words. Make sure paragraph makes sense and it's not just sentences.

Monday, Dec 12, 2016
Bring in materials for soldier care packages
MathPreAlg: Quantitative Section #1 (30 min timed) due Tues
MathAlg: Quantitative Section #1 (30 min timed) due Tues
SS: Read and annotate Chapter 3
Spanish: Draw room with all vocab words, but don't label
ELA: Revise topic sentences if needed

Fri Dec 9, 2016
ELA: Complete planning packet for Of Mice and Men essay (yellow packet--all)
MathPreAlg: Quantitative Section #1 (30 min timed) due Tues
MathAlg: Quantitative Section #1 (30 min timed) due Tues
Science: NH if Read assessment is completed.
SS: Read and annotate section
Spanish: Mr. P Design you room. Include all vocabulary words. DO NOT label it / Key
Health: Finish Presentation

Thurs Dec 8, 2016
ELA: 1. WW 5E due tomorrow 2. Study for Lesson 5 test tomorrow
MathPreAlg: Test tomorrow (some took on Wednesday)
MathAlg1: Review wksht, quiz tomorrow on forms of equations
Science: Reading Info Text assessment Friday: purpose, text structure, main idea, evidence.
Spanish: WS front and back

Wednesday, December 7
ELA: 1. Chapter 5 + comp. questions of OM&M 2. WW 5D due tomorrow (WW 5E & test Friday)
MathPreAlg: No class tomorrow, finish study guide, test on Friday
MathAlg1: 1) finish conversion wksht from class 2) p 186 #15-19 in book, quiz on Friday
Science: *Parent signature on orange rubric for Studio Artist
Habit/Scientist Connection.
Complete Info Text task: select one article from p34 or 35 to:
(1) Find Author purpose (PIE), (2) Determine Central Idea
(3) 2 pieces of strong supporting evidence from text
(4) Determine text structure (description, sequence, cause & effect, prob/soln, compare/contrast) and explain how you know from text.
SS: Finish Facebook profile, presentations tomorrow
Spanish: write 5 sentences with the verb and its conjugations "dormir" and 5 for "poder"

Tuesday, December 6
ELA: 1. Read chapter 4 + comp. questions 2. Wordly Wise 5D due Thursday (test Friday & WW 5E Friday)
SS: Work on LR9 Facebook profile. Projected due date is Wednesday by the end of class.
Science: Changes in Matter- R&R ws, Indiana Jane (text p28-29) to prep for Vocab Quiz Wed.
MathPreAlg: Finish assigned sections of study guid (some people taking tomorrow)
MathAlg: Converting Between Forms of Equations wksht, quiz on Friday
Spanish: p.99 Actividad 3 & 4

Monday, Dec 5, 2016
ELA: 1. Finish chapter 3 + comp. questions on back side of wkst for ch. 3 2. WW 5D due Wed.
MathPreAlg: 1) Work on study guide up to #29 2) sign quiz
MathAlg: Front side of arithmetic sequence wksht
Science: - Ch1.4 Changes in Matter pp 20-27 RANT (read, annotate, Cornell Notes, Text boxes completed.
SS: Civil Rights Movement Facebook rough draft. Have your wall posts completed for tomorrow.

Thursday, Dec 1, 2016
ELA: 1. Read pages 38-51 and answer questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES (in mailbox)
2. WW 5B & 5C due Monday
MathPreAlg: p 144 #16-21, p 161 #1-9
MathAlg: Point-Slope Form wksht
SS: Get to know your selected influential person/ research them
Science: Record densities for blocks
Spanish: Write down things in your room using the Vocabulary words on page 94-95.
Key: Pg 97-98 Actividad 4

Wednesday, November 30
ELA 1. Read the rest of chapter 2 of OM&M (up to 37) and finish the blue packet 2. Finish rough draft of acrostic poem for tomorrow 3. WW 5B & C due Monday
MathPreAlg: p 139 #21-24
MathAlg: p 162 #1-26
Science: Study for assessment
Spanish: NH

Tuesday Nov 29, 2016
ELA: 1. Read chapter 2 of OM&M pages 17-30 and answer page 2 of blue packet 2. WW 5A due tomorrow 3. Rough draft of acrostic poem due Thursday (the last letter or two in your ntbk)
MathPreAlg: Quiz tomorrow on slope intercept
MathAlg: 1) Problems #1-6 on 8PreAlg wiki page in notebook 2) quiz tomorrow on slope intercept form
Science: Complete L2 'Classify Matter' notes, pg 31 review
SS: Read 31.3 The Supreme Court Ends School Segregation and answer the questions on the worksheet handed out in class.

Monday, Nov 28, 2016
MathPreAlg: p 155 #1-16 in book, quiz on slope intercept on Wednesday
MathAlg: Evens on slope intercept wksht, quiz on slope intercept on Wednesday
ELA: 1. Read chapter 1 of OM&M and answer comp. questions/"Say What?" on blue sheet for ch. 1 2. WW5A due Wed.
Science: Complete notes Ch 1.1 Describe Matter, plus p 31 Lesson 1 Review Q's.
SS: Read Chapter 31.1- 31.2 and answer questions posted on the wiki in your notebook.

Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016
ELA: Get reading (green sheet) and writing (rubric) assessments signed -- Happy Thanksgiving!
MathPreAlg: p 151 #1-15 (started in class)
MathAlg: Slope Intercept Form From Points wksht odds
Science: Tell your parents 'thank you'
SS: NH - Happy Thanksgiving!
Spanish: Finish Word Search

Monday, Nov 21, 2016
ELA: get final reading assessment (green sheet) and writing assessment (paragraphs) signed
MathPreAlg: Converting Equations to Slope Intercept wksht #1-15 + graphing
MathAlg: p 175 #1-23, quiz tomorrow
Science: Complete Artist 'Studio Habit' explanation + image & explanation comparison w/scientist using same 'studio habit + image & explanation.
SS: Finish "Skin I'm In" Book

Friday, Nov 18, 2016
MathPreAlg: Rearranging Equations wksth #1-8
MathAlg: p 159 #1-17, quiz Tuesday
Science: Did you submit Glue Lab Q's w/lab? if not...Turn in @dismissal or weekend homework.
SS: Finish 5 pages of your alphabiography for Monday. Be creative!
Health: Video
Religion: NH

Thursday, Nov 17, 2016
ELA: Watch & take notes on two videos in section 3 of ELA ntbk Concluding sentences & Citations
MathPreAlg: 1) Converting Equations to Slope Intercept Form video + notes (this video will require you to sign in and answer questions as the video plays) 2) sign quiz
MathAlg: 1) p 127 #12-16 2) Calculating Slope From Points wksht
SS: "The Skin I'm In" alphabiograhy" : brainstorm characteristic traits for your letters.
Science: Answer questions on Glue Lab

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
ELA: 1. Complete WHOLE packet (p.1-3)--it's practice for writing piece! -- for page 2, watch Video and take notes
MathPreAlg: Slope Intercept Form wksht
MathAlg: Slope from a Graph wksht
SS: Crayon activity (see wiki for questions)
Spanish: Questions on song
Science: Paragraph signed

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2016
ELA: 1. Complete planning worksheet for TKaM writing piece 2. Flashcards + study
MathPreAlg: Virtual Nerd "Slope Intercept Form" + notes
MathAlg: Get test signed, retakes by Friday, Nov 18
Science: Watch/take notes on Studio Artist Habits of Mind. Construct a paragraph explaining each artist habit and compare/ make a connection to a comparable scientist attitude/skill w/example.
Spanish: Work on Restaurant Skit- Have at least Intro Ready
SS: Civil Rights Movement work on wiki

Monday, Nov 14, 2016
ELA: 1. Complete cream packet -- thesis/topic sentences (in section 3 of ELA ntbk) + reading practice 2. Greek/Latin root summative on Wednesday
MathPreAlg: Finish Buzz Math "Positive & Negative Slope," quiz on slope Wednesday
MathAlg: Test tomorrow on functions
SS: Cold War Test

Friday, Nov 11, 2016
ELA: Finish TKAM!!!!! and the comp. questions!!!!
MathPreAlg: Slope From Points wksht
MathAlg: Finish study guide, test on Tuesday
Science: 1)Print draft, mark draft w/edits & revisions. 2) Complete changes on final revision of paragraph & re-read. 3)Print final version, assemble SWP (see back of rubic) & submit Monday if not yet submitted.

Thursday Nov, 10, 2016
ELA: Read and comp. questions for chapters 26 & 27
MathPreAlg: Graphing Slope Intercept wksht
MathAlg: Study Guide #1-26
Science: Complete outline DRAFT of Apple Barrier Lab, double space, & print. Label as 'draft'.
SS: Finish discussion questions on "Tear Down This Wall" speech
Spanish: Actividad 29

Wednesday, Nov 9 2016

Spanish: Cubs WS Completed/ Que van a comer WS
ELA: Read chapters 24 & 25 + complete comp. questions
MathPreAlg: Graphing Linear Equations wksht
MathAlg: p 121 #1-13 (all), quiz tomorrow
SS: Study for quiz tomorrow
Science: Finish planning and copy and paste outline

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016
ELA: 1. Read chapter 23 & complete comp. questions 2. Greek & Latin root assessment on Friday
MathPreAlg: 1) sign test 2) Finding Slope From a Graph wksht
MathAlg: Function Translation wksht (parent function graphs are on 8Alg1 page)
Science: Complete Apple Barrier Lab post-lab Q's
Spanish: Finish Cubs WS Front and Back
SS: Study

Monday, Nov 7, 2016
ELA: Read and comp. questions for chapters 21 & 22 2. Summative Greek/Latin root assessment on Friday (notecards will be assigned later in the week!)
MathPreAlg: NH (test today)
MathAlg: 1) Watch Virtual Nerd "Translations of Graphs" + notes 2) Finish p 11 #1-22 from class
Science: NH (unless finishing up work for SCE #1)
Health: Finish 2 BBB ?s
SS: Study

Friday,November 4
Science: complete SCE presentation + share w/Mrs. Merten. ITB/5W ws due w/presentation.
Spanish: Finish Cubs WS

Thursday Nov 3, 2016
ELA: WW 4E and Study for WW 4 Test
MathPreAlg: Test tomorrow
MathAlg: Finish p 81-86 in book
Science: Complete SCE presentation, share w/Mrs. Merten @
SS: Study for quiz
Spanish: Chart and 5 sentences

Wednesday, Nov 2, 2016
MathPreAlg: Page 1 and Page 3 of Study Guide, test on Friday
MathAlg: p 95 #1-16
ELA: WW 4E due Friday; Study for WW 4 Test on Friday; Read Ch. 20 and answer the 4 comprehension questions
Science: Complete ITB + 5 W & GIST (What & Why) summary for Sci Current Event.
Spanish: Color your Calavera
Paragraphs1: Que es el dia de los muertos? Como se celebra? Paragraph 2: Quien es tu calavera? Como la recuerdas? Que tiene su altar/ ofrendas?

Tuesday, Nov 1, 2016
ELA: WW 4C & D; Chapter 19 Comprehension Questions
MathPreAlg: NH (no class due to mass)
MathAlg: sign quiz
Science: M1: select a science current event (SCE #2) from links on 8 Sci wiki;
M2, M3 complete ITB ws on new SCE #2 - both sides.
Spanish: p. 76-77
SS: Study for quest on Friday

Monday, October 31, 2016
ELA:WW 4 C and D, due Wednesday
MathPreAlg: Number Problems Mixed Worksheet
MathAlg: Four Situations wksht
Science: NH
Health: Watch Video

Friday, Oct 28, 2016
ELA: 1) Finish Ch. 18 comp.questions 2) WW4C due Monday
MathPreAlg: 1) p 129 #1-5, #12-17 on LL 2) sign quiz
MathAlg: Domain & Range of Continuous Functions wksht
Science: NH

Thursday, Oct 27, 2016
MathPreAlg: Solving Equations Infinite/No Solutions wksht odds only (first column)
MathAlg: Watch Math By Fives "Finding the Domain and Range From a Graph" + notes
ELA: WW 4B and finish Who's Who Worksheet
Science: NH
Spanish: Picture or table labled

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016
ELA: Comprehension Questions for Ch 17; WW 4B due Friday
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Solving More Equations with Variables on Both Sides," quiz tomorrow
MathAlg: p 76 #2-13, quiz on Friday
Science: Complete Sci Method crossword puzzle for vocab quiz review- Quiz Friday
Spanish: Write a skit six lines long (between a waitress and yourself)
Health: Study for Final test on Monday
Other: Kindness picture or reflection due by Friday

Tuesday Oct 25, 2016
ELA: Complete reading Chapter 16 and the comprehension questions for this chapter.
Spanish: pg 69 Complete the questions in complete sentences. / Key: Mesero o Cliente: write 3 statements for each.
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides," quiz on Thursday
MathAlg: 1) sign test 2) Finish p 71 #1-10 3) Function or Not a Function wksht
Science: Read over 'Skin as Barrier' lab (2) predict/ apple changes ('if... then...') Q1 in procedure (3) create data table in Sci NB

Monday, Oct 24, 2016
ELA: WW 4A due Wednesday
MathPreAlg: Solving Equations wksht #1-15 (show all work)
MathAlg: p 68-69 #7-14
Science: NH

Friday, Oct 21, 2016
  1. Finish TKAM project- some kids were absent so there will be 10 min on Monday to finish this.
  2. Reading homework -- CHAPTER 15!!!
MathPreAlg: 1) Watch Virtual Nerd "Simplifying with the Distributive Property" + notes 2) wksht #27-29 with all work
MathAlg: Getting Ready p 64 #1-8
Science: NH if Gummy Bear Presentation is shared/submitted;
Spanish: pg 66 Questions 1-3 in Complete sentences
SS: Complete Proxy War Kahoots for Monday.
Health: Finish Disease Presentation

Thursday, Oct 20, 2016
ELA:Study for WW Test. Complete WW 3E.
MathPreAlg: 1) p 123 #8-16 in book, show all work 2) sign quiz
MathAlg: test tomorrow
Science: Complete lab group gummy bear 'poster' - follow directions from lab sheet (1 poster/presentation per group).
SS: Complete proxy war notes from presentation OR complete GWC Form if you presented
Spanish: Finish Worksheet
Peterson Class: Make Notecard with name and job (Decorate)

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016
ELA: 1. Read chapter 14 + comp. questions for chapter 14 2. WW 3E & test Friday
MathPreAlg: Getting Ready p 104 in book
MathAlg: Finish study guide, test on Friday
SS: Complete proxy war notes from presentation OR complete GWC Form if you presented
Spanish: Finish letter & Invitation, due Friday
Health: Finish Disease Presentation
Science: NH

Tuesday Oct 18, 2016
ELA: 1. Read chapter 13 + comp. questions for chapter 2. WW 3D due tom.
MathPreAlg: Test tomorrow
MathAlg: Study Guide word problems (last page) due tomorrow, test on Friday
Science: Simpson variable ws.
SS: Proxy war projects due tomorrow!!!
Spanish: Finish letter, due Fridayu
Health: Finish Disease Presentation

Monday Oct 17, 2016
ELA: 1. Read chapter 12 + comp. questions 2. WW 3D due Wed.
MathPreAlg: Finish study guide, test on Wednesday
MathAlg1: 1) sign quiz 2) p 58 #14-23 in book (show all work, can do on LL if you want)
Science: (1) Complete Cornell notes on 'Conducting Sci Investigation'. (2) Complete Variable practice ws.
SS: Proxy Wars Group Project: Whatever your group assigned for you to complete. Last work day tomorrow!
Spanish: Finish Invitation to party
Health: Finish Disease Presentation

Thursday October 13, 2016
ELA: Due Monday: 1. WW 3B & 3C 2. Read chapters 10 & 11 + comprehension questions for both chapters
MathPreAlg: Operations with Scientific Notation wksht (front side only)
MathAlg: 1) Watch video + notes "Solving Absolute Value INequalities" 2) Finish wksht
Science: NH
SS: Proxy Wars Group Project: Whatever your group assigned for you to complete by Tuesday
Spanish: Finish Rough Draft of Fiesta Carta (Party Letter)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ELA: 1. Read chapter 9 2. Comp. questions for ch. 9

Spanish: Ms. Key- , Invitacion brainstorm, Include Que necesitas? Quienes son invitados? Explain your Celebration!

Spanish: Mr. Petersen, pg 39 Actividad 8 , Invitacion Brainstorm pg 40.

SS: Proxy Wars Project: Group assigned work.

MathPreAlg: Virtual Nerd + notes
MathAlg: Finish p 49 #1-11, p 52 Try These A and B, #12-22 from class, quiz tomorrow on inequalities
Science: Review Sci Method steps as found in link (read through tutorial, take notes on back of today's handout.

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2016.
ELA: 1. Poetry Analysis for all three Langston Hughes poems 2. WW 3A due tomorrow
Spanish: Read skit on pg 35-37 Answer Comprendes questions in Complete Sentences
MathPreAlg: 1) Sign quiz 2) Sci Not wksht
MathAlg: p 47 #9-16, 19-22, 24-28, quiz on Thursday
Science: NH
SS: Finish Crash Course video and three discussion questions

Friday, Oct 7, 2016
ELA: 1. Chapter 7 & 8 of TKAM + comp. questions 2. NRI: seasons, checkpoint, streets, and names
Spanish: Advertisements due Tuesday. Need to be PRINTED/Shared before class
MathPreAlg: Finish Buzz Math "Intro to Scientific Notation"
MathAlg: Solving compound inequalities wksht (front side only)
SS: Finish Annotating 30.4 and Tree Map
Health: Video Notes (Due In 2 Weeks)

Thursday, Oct 6, 2016
ELA: 1. Read chapter 6 of TKAM and complete ch. 6 comp. questions 2. Complete Greek & Latin root sentences 6-10 (study for tomorrow's test!)
MathPreAlg: 1) Watch Virtual Nerd "What is scientific notation?" + notes 2) quiz tomorrow on exponent properties
MathAlg: Inequalities word problems wksht (sign test if did not)
Health: Finish song
SS: Period 3 only - finish packet

Wednesday Oct 5, 2016
ELA: 1. Greek & Latin root sentences 1-5 w/context clues 2. NRI: checkpoint, days + months, & holidays 3. Glue & fill out Walter & Miss Maudie
MathAlg: 1) Inequalities wksht 2) sign test
MathPreAlg: p 78-81 #1-9 + Try These
Science NH, IF Sci Career Presentation is completed & shared.
SS: 1. Watch Vice Presidential debate 2. Answer questions from the magazine on loose leaf
Spanish: Enrique Iglesias WS/ Write in Present form and in -ando/ -iendo form

Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016
ELA: 1. Visuals & definitions for "pel; puls" due tomorrow 2. NoRedInk Beginning Sentences & Personal Pronouns
MathPreAlg: Exponent Properties wksht #2
MathAlg: 1) Watch Virtual Nerd "Solving Inequalities"+ notes 2) Solving Inequalities Preassessment (skip through presentation to additional practice at the end, make sure you type in name at the beginning)
Science: MI-1 completed to share; M2, M3 NH if presentation is completed & shared.
SS: Vice President Debate tonight at 8 pm. Watch 20 minutes and take notes on the back of the pink debate form you already have. (Due Thursday)
Spanish: p.21 questions at bottom
Health: notes on video

Monday Oct 3, 2016
ELA: 1. Read chapter 5 2. Chapter 5 comp. questions
Science: (M-2, M-3) Complete Career presentation.
MathAlg: test tomorrow
MathPreAlg: Properties of Exponents wksht #1-10, #21-30
Health: Video and noted
Spanish: How you stay healthy paragraph

Friday, Sept 30, 2016
ELA: 1. Thank you note 2. Read chapter 4 3. Comp. questions for ch. 4 (on back of chapter 3)
MathPreAlg: Properties of Exponents wksht #1-10, #21-30
MathAlg: Finish study guide, test on Tuesday
Health: Watch video + finish wksht
Spanish: Write how you stay health in Spanish
SS: Tree Map for sections 20.2 and 20.3
Health: Video/notes and quiz Monday and blue sheet
Religion: Petersen only: Ignatian Meditation Assessment

Thursday, Sept 29, 2016
ELA: 1. Compare/con, evaluate, and articulate "Be Our Guest" 2. WW 2E & test tomorrow
MathPreAlg: p 75-77 all
MathAlg: 1) sign quiz 2) Finish up to and including first page of word problems in study guide, test on Tuesday
Science: (1) Complete science career research (read from each source) + (2) construct GIST summary.
SS: Complete classwork, annotation for sections 30.1-30.3 and copy vocabulary into your notebook.

Wednesday, Sept 28, 2016
ELA: 1. Finish chapter three 2. Complete comp. questions for chapter three 3. WW 3E & test on Friday
MathPreAlg: 1) Sign test 2) p 74 #9-15 in book
MathAlg: Study Guide page 1 only
SS; Crash Course video and DQs
Science: Find two credible sources regarding selected science career. Create a google doc and imbed link for future reference & citation.

Tuesday, Sept 27, 2016
MathPreAlg: Watch Virtual Nerd "What is the product of powers rule?" + notes
MathAlg: Literal Equations wksht
Science: NH
ELA: 1. Finish reading chapter two 2. Answer chapter 2 comp. questions (back of wkst) 3. WW 2D due tomorrow
SS: Complete debate notes if not watched, due tomorrow

Monday, Sept 26, 2016
ELA: 1. "Catch 'Em All" -- go back to text & fill in info about characters + cut and glue into section 2 of ELA notebook 2. Analogy practice worksheet due tomorrow 3. WW 2D due Wed.
MathPreAlg: test tomorrow U1
MathAlg: Finish Rate Word Problems wksht, quiz tomorrow on solving equations
Science: Complete post-read 'Careers in Sci' Q's (ws) as prep for in-class writing Tues. Be sure to include 'response starter' phrases identified in class.
SS: Debate notes (20-30 from the debate). Be objective! (Due Wed)

Thursday, Sept 22, 2016
ELA: 1. Read pages 9-16 of TKAM 2. Side 1 of comprehension questions 3. WW 2B & C due Monday
Science: Read, annotate passage. Complete graphic ws + answer 5 Q's from passage.
MathPreAlg: Finish study guide, test on Tuesday
MathAlg: 1) sign quiz, 2) Equation/Word Problem wksht (in mailbox)

Wednesday, Sept 21, 2016
ELA: 1. Context clue worksheet 2. Tracking the speaker + context clue wkst (2 sides) 3. WW 2B & 2C due Monday
MathPreAlg: 1) Sign quiz 2) Study Guide p 4-5 (first and second page)
MathAlg: p 27 #11-20 in book
Science: (1) Read 'Career in Science' + complete GR. (2) Develop Cornell notes
SS: Test tomorrow
Religion: Petersen: Rosary assessment

Tuesday, Sept 20, 2016
ELA: 1. 2 sided worksheet: use 3 different colors to annotate/track speaker 2. WW 2A due tomorrow (sorry!)
MathPreAlg: p 63 #1-13 + Try These A/B, quiz tomorrow on rational/irrational numbers
MathAlg: Writing Equation Practice 1 wksht, quiz tomorrow on solving equations
Religion: Rosary guided notes (presentation in email) -- Petersen only
SS: Test Thursday

Monday, Sept 19, 2016
ELA: 1. context clues wkst front & back (due tomorrow) 2. WW 2A due Wed.
MathPreAlg: p 62 in book, quiz on Wednesday
MathAlg: p 31 #1-23 odds, quiz on Wednesday
Science: Read & annotate 'Accidental Discovery' to prep for in-class assessment Tues. Use 'strong evidence' graphic to help pull supportive evidence of main idea.
SS: Notes on Manhattan Project video (on wiki)

Friday, Sept 16, 2016
ELA: Pre-reading, picky annotate, and after reading (ITB) with "Harper Lee"
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Estimating Square Roots"
MathAlg: 1) Finish book problems from class p 19-21 #1-15, 2) Buzz Math "Solving More Equations with Variables on Both Sides," 3) sign test
SS: 1) Complete Group Work Collaboration Form if you presented today, 2) Take battle notes on template (projects posted to SSWiki page).
Health: Watch vide + take notes
Spanish: Write a letter to a friend about themselves and a relative
Science: Finish lab questions

Thursday, Sept 15, 2016
ELA: 1. worksheet (tree map to describe America during 1930s) 2. Study for Greek/Latin root test with "cap" tomorrow
MathPreAlg: Watch Virtual Nerd "What is an irrational number?" + notes in notebook.
MathAlg: Solving Multi Step Equation wksht (must show all work)
Science: 1) Complete 'Why Study Science' comic. 2) sketch lab procedure steps in margin of lab HO.
SS: 1) Complete Group Work Collaboration Form if you presented today, 2) Take battle notes on template (projects posted to SSWiki page). Period 3 only: Crash Course Video (on wiki)
Spanish: Describe relatives in complete sentences in Spanish
Religion: Psalms assessment (Petersen)

Wednesday, Sept 14, 2016
ELA: 1. Complete NRI pretest 2. sentences w/cap words 6-10
MathPreAlg: 1) sign quiz, 2) p 56 #6-13 (If you did not finish class work, finish p 53 #1-5 and Try These A also)
MathAlg: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions wksht (posted on 8Alg1 page) in notebook.
Science: Read 'Acid Rain' passage and answer Q's in complete sentences (on back or loose leaf).
SS: 1) Complete Group Work Collaboration Form if you presented today, 2) Take battle notes on template (projects posted to SSWiki page)

Tuesday, Sept 13, 2016
ELA: 1. (ELA ntbk) Examine & draw inference from Great Depression Photos 2. Sentences 1-5 with "cap" context clues
Science: Read text, complete DART, answer section Q's o back of GR packet or in Sci NB.
SS: 1) Complete Group Work Collaboration Form, 2) Take battle notes on template (projects posted to SSWiki page)
MathPreAlg: p 50-52 #1-12 and Try These A (in book)
MathAlg: Test tomorrow
Religion: Prayer Lesson Plan Template (on wiki) (Petersen only)

Monday, Sept 12, 2016
ELA: 1. Add citation (use easy bib), evaluate, and construct bookmark 2. Visuals & explanations for "cap" Greek/Latin roots due tomorrow
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Fractions, Decimals, Percents II," quiz tomorrow on exponents & square roots
MathAlg: Finish study guide, test on Wednesday
Science: Use your sci article to determine text structure of text (see class notes & write on blue ITB or NB).
SS: Final night of project work!

Friday, Sept 9, 2016
ELA: 1. Color code and revise paragraph for target audience 2. Make a copy of and put all info onto bookmark template
MathPreAlg: p 43 #1-4, #7-8 on LL
MathAlg: Comparing Graphs packet
Science: 1) complete ITB on selected article 2) Answer 5W's (on back of ITB, see NB notes on Q's 3) summary sentence + 2 pieces of evidence(also on ITB back)
SS: 1) If you had your WWII summary packet/stamps in your mailbox, you did not complete it correctly, must be done tomorrow. 2) WWII Battle Project Due Tuesday, independent homework per your group.
Health: Video is posted + notes

Thursday, Sept 8, 2016
ELA: 1. First draft of summary due tomorrow 2. WW 1E & Test 1 tomorrow!
SS: 1) If you had your WWII summary packet/stamps in your mailbox, you did not complete it correctly, must be done tomorrow. 2) WWII Battle Project Due Tuesday, independent homework per your group.
Religion: Group Collaboration form due tomorrow (Petersen). Examen assessment on Friday (Key/Petersen)
MathPreAlg: p 41-42 all
MathAlg: Increasing/Decreasing Functions packet, quiz on arithmetic sequences tomorrow
Science: 1) Identify at least 2 sections of the article that support your article. 2) Watch BrainPop 'Reading Skills' + take notes in Sci NB
note: BrainPop available 7:30am - 5:30 pm; account = aaca; pw = rockets

Wednesday, Sept 7, 2016
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Evaluating Squares and Cubes" or "Operations with Exponents" (choose 1)
MathAlg: p 13 #21-29
Science: 1) parent to sign safety contract 2) ITB one article from mag.
SS: Finish WWII stamps and Crash Course video questions if needed.
ELA: 1. Paraphrase accomplishment(s), obstacles, and response directly on the article 2. WW E due Friday + test on Friday
Spanish: Mark Anthony questions (Petersen), finish packet (Key)

Tuesday, Sept 6, 2016
ELA: 1. Research, print out, and annotate "gritty guy or gal" 2. WW 1C & 1D due tomorrow
MathPreAlg: p 29 #1-11 odds on LL
MathAlg: Buzz Math "Patterns & Sequences"
Science: (1) Finish reading 'Lucy' article; (2) Complete ws: 'Informational Text Breakdown'
SS: 1. Pearl Harbor Movie Reflection questions. 2) SS packet (from Friday)
Religion: Group projects begin tomorrow.
Spanish: Spanish packet, complete up through pp 11.

Friday, Sept 2, 2016
ELA: 1) complete wkst for Separate Is Never Equal 2) WW 1C & D due Wed
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Multiplying Mixed Numbers II"
MathAlg: Arithmetic Sequence wksht
Science: NH (Period 3 finishing safety cartoon)

Thursday, Sept 1, 2016
MathPreAlg: p 21 #12-20
MathAlg: Irrational Numbers wksht, quiz tomorrow
ELA: 1. for tomorrow: finish wkst -- word cloud on Key HR; Petersen HR; 2. WW 1B due tomorrow

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016
ELA: 1. Watch TEDtalk & complete worksheet 2. WW 1B due Friday
MathPreAlg: p 19 #5-11
MathAlg: Is It Rational? wksht, quiz Friday
Religion: Prayer Method Group Activity (Due Tuesday by the end of religion)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
SS: 1) Student Job Application if still not completed.
ELA: WW 1A due tomorrow
MathPreAlg: Getting Ready p 2 in book
MathAlg: 1) Activate Buzz Math account 2) Real number pretest
Health: NH
Religion: NH

Monday, Aug 29, 2016
MathPreAlg: Getting Ready p 2 in book
MathAlg: 1) Activate Buzz Math account 2) Real number pretest
SS: 1) Student Job Application, 2) Summer Bridge Quiz tomorrow
ELA: WW 1A due Wed.
Health: NH

Thursday, August 25
ALL: 1)Bridge work completion. 2)Bring in completed Ropes Course Form. 3) Decorate binders by Monday.