Monday, Oct 23, 2017
ELA: 1. Thesis practice wkst (front and back) 2. 2 of 3 a, b, or c for Lesson 2 WW (a=full sentences) - due Friday
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: p 69 #11-18
Science: Sci Method Vocab assessment WED

Friday, October 20
ELA: Finish TKaM & comp. questions
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: NH
Science: Complete ID Variable WS
Spanish: Study Guide and Finish DONOW Object WS
SS: WWII Reading Wrap Up Group Project (Due Monday)
Art: Pomranky: Revise and submit your Written Reflection on your Storytelling Cartoon through Artsonia.

Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
ELA: 1. Due tomorrow: ch. 27 & comp questions 2. NRI (marking titles = due Monday)
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: NH
Science: Complete ID Variable WS
Spanish: Study Guide and Finish DONOW Object WS
SS: WWII Reading Wrap Up Group Project (Due Monday)
Art: Pomranky: Revise and submit your Written Reflection on your Storytelling Cartoon through Artsonia.

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017
ELA: Read 25 & 26 + comp. questions 2. NRI due Friday
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: Test tomorrow
Science: Complete 'Elaborate' Tab (all 3) on Pearson Interactive text - record notes in Sci NB (see 8 sci wiki page for link)
Spanish: Libro Realidades pagina 9 Actividad 6

Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017
ELA: 1. Read & comp. questions for ch. 24 2. NRI "Marking Titles" due Friday
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: Finish odds of study guide, test on Thurs
Science: Complete notes from 'Explain' tab (key concepts 1,2,3) from online text section Ch 1.3: Sci Inquiry [access from 8 sci wiki page]
Spanish: Petersen: Finish Skit - Finish Coloring Flag WS with information

Monday, Oct 16, 2017
ELA: revise & print your paragraph (BEFORE CLASS!)
MathPreAlg: Calder sketch, look for materials for mobile if you want
MathAlg: Front page of study guide (word problems only), test on Thurs
Science: (M2) - Read Pearson Online Dig text Ch 1.3 Science Inquiry: Explore Key concepts 1, 2, 3 + add to Sci Method vocab notes. (M1, M3) NH
Spanish: Finish Actividad 3 pg 7 y Find out meaning of Argentina y Uruguay Flag colors and symbol

Friday, Oct 13, 2017
ELA: Read chapters 21, 22, and 23 & comp. questions (21 should be done in class after Greek/Latin root test)
MathAlg: p.61. #1-5
MathPreAlg; NH
Science: 1)Complete presentation & checklist + share w/ Mrs. Merten; 2) prepare for verbal presentation.

Thursday, Oct 12, 2017
Art: reflection assignment (directions & how to post!)
ELA: 1. Read chapter 20 & comp. questions 2. Summative Greek & Latin root tomorrow (stat & pend)
MathPreAlg: Test tomorrow
MathAlg: p 58 #13-23
Science: 1) signed paragraph 2)Complete slides 1-3 of Career in Science presentation.
SS: Finish section on "Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor" and answer DQ 3 and 4

Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017
ELA: 1. Read and comp. questions for ch. 19 & 2. Spend 5-10 minutes reviewing either "stat" or "pend" words (summative Greek/Latin root on Friday)
MathPreAlg: Finish Study Guide, test on Friday
MathAlg: Watch video Absolute Value Inequalities + notes
Science: Complete research on 'person of influence' regarding sci career. All previous research should be completed.
SS: America enters the war packet and questions on the SS wiki page
Spanish: What do the colors of the Chile and Paraguay flag mean?Symbol?- y tu como eres? pg 4 y 5 (you and someone in your family) Yo soy... No soy...

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017
MathPreAlg: Study Guide up to and including #80 (until the scientific notation section), test on Friday
MathAlg: p 52 Try These A + Try These B
ELA: 1. Chapter 18 & comp. questions 2. Review for Greek/Latin root summative on Friday ("stat" & "pend")
Art: Complete the Written Reflection on Google Drive and share it with me
Spanish: What do the colors of the Bolivia flags represent? Symbol? - Realidades pg 4 Que te gusta hacer paragraph using the vocab words. (Senor Wooly if you did not complete)

Monday, Oct 9, 2017
No School

Fri Oct 6, 2017
ELA Read chapters 16 & 17 and do comprehension questions for both (grey sheet)
MathPreAlg: NH
MathAlg: 1) quiz on inequalities on Tuesday 2) Watch Khan video "Absolute Value Equations" + notes (Shadowers: Answer Key to compound inequality HW)
SS: 1) Read and annotate "World War II 2) Answer questions 1-5 on the back, answering them on paper or typed. (see wiki for chapter text if you did not pick a packet up).

Thurs, Oct 5, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish chapter 15 & comp. questions + define 4 words in context (written on the ch. 14 side of comp. questions) 2. Choice E or F due tomorrow for studying because test tomorrow
MathPreAlg: p 99 #1-6 on LL
MathAlg: Solving Compound Inequalities wksht #1-12 only, quiz on inequalities on TUES
Science: Students Absent Friday - complete RI text + Q's - due Tues.
Spanish: Find out what the Flags of Venezuela and Peru represent. Senor Wooly Nugget due Monday midnight (Tue)
SS: Argument revisions in class tomorrow, look over your primary sources

Wed, Oct 4, 2017
ELA: 1. Read & comp. questions for ch. 14 2. Greek/Latin root choice C or D due tomorrow (test Friday)
MathPreAlg: p 96 #6-15
MathAlg: Solving Inequalites Word Problems wksht (both sides)
Science: finish draft writing, mark w/edits
Spanish: Senor Wooly Nugget 2 y 3 due by midnight- Find out what the colors and the symbol of the flags represent.
(not just coat of arms- meaning)

Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017
ELA: 1. planning for tomorrow's writing piece -- 2 pieces of evidence (do directly on wkst) 2. Due tomorrow: NRI Diagnostic
MathPreAlg: Watch Virtual Nerd Operations with Scientific Notation + notes
MathAlg: Solving Inequalities wksht
SS: 1) Finish discussion questions on Doc A, 2) Annotate Doc B: Schenck's Pamphlet, 3) Answer discussion questions on Doc B
Science: Finish pre-write planning ws + tree map for expository paragraph.
Spanish: Finish Coloring Flags and writing Information about the country. Finish Las Estaciones WS- Study for America Central Test

Monday, Oct 2, 2017
ELA: 1. Chapter 13 & Comp. questions 2. Due tomorrow: Option A or B for Greek/Latin root 3. Due Wednesday: No Red Ink pre-assessment
MathPreAlg: Finish evens of scientific notation wksht
MathAlg: Learnzillion Preassessment - Create an account on, create account as a student using enrollment code given to you during class; once signed up, go to Assignments)
Science: Complete 'Scientist Working Together' Q's & connections graphic

Friday, Sept 29, 2017

Thurs Sept 28, 2017
ELA: 1. Chapter 12 & comprehension questions 2. Finish revising/adding your characters' adjective & STEAL detail
MathPreAlg: Scientific Notation wksht ODDs only, front and back
MathAlg: Test on Monday, use materials posted on wiki to review/study
Science: Read Packet 'Careers in Science' & Complete GR
SS: Complete "Rise to Dictatorship" timeline
Spanish: Numeros WS EC HW Turn in Monday

Wednesday, Sept 27, 2017
ELA: 1. Each person complete 3 traits & STEAL details for Tree Map on Google Doc 2. Read and complete "Scottsboro Case" & "Justice" by Langston Hughes questions (on wkst)
MathPreAlg: Finish p 81-82 #1-23 odds on LL, quiz tomorrow
MathAlg: Finish study guide
Science: Read & annotate 'Super Inventor' passage before class Thurs.
SS: Read/annotate/answer discussion questions on wiki. Begin planing the dates for your "Rise to Dictatorship" timeline.
Spanish: Study for Spelling Bee - Study America Central - Padre Nuestro Prayer

Tuesday, Sept 26, 2017
ELA: Read chapter 11 & comp. questions
MathPreAlg: Exponent Properties wksht #11-20
MathAlg: Word Problems in study guide (1st page front and back)
Science: Complete 'Oil Spill' Q's - open notes for In-class write prompt Wednesday.
SS: Finish reading and notes on Germany and Japan dictatorships.
Spanish:Senor Wooly Nugget 1 due at midnight

Monday, Sept 25, 2017
ELA: Chapter 10 & comp. questions in TKaM
MathPreAlg: Exponent wksht #1-10 only, quiz on Thurs
MathAlg: Buzz Math "Using Equations to Solve Problems"
Science: Read Oil Spill lab; sketch procedure steps in Sci NB
SS: Reflect on Freedom of Speech
Spanish: Find out what the flag of Costa Rica and Panama represent. Answer Questions about the Central America countries. Cual es la capital de Guatemala?
Quien es el Presidente de El Salvador? Cual es una comida de Mexico? Cuales son los colores de la Bandera de Costa Rica? Quien es el Presidente de Nicaragua? Que moneda usan en El Salvador?

Friday, Sept 22, 2017
ELA: Read the rest of chapter 9 & answer comprehension questions
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Evaluating Negative Exponents"
MathAlg: Literal Equation wksht
Science: share Adobe Spark recorded link w/ Mrs. Merten; All comic, scrpt, rubric should already be submitted.

Thursday, Sept 21, 2017
ELA:1. In TKaM, read chapter 9 pages 99-102 (to break) and answer comp. questions 1-3 2. WW: Quizlet or flashcards to study!
MathAlg: Finish Rate Word Problem wksht, quiz tomorrow on solving equations
MathPreAlg: Exponent wksht (check mailbox)
Science: Complete script + print. Complete comic images & take photo + email to self for upload to Adobe Spark.
Spanish: 1. Find out what Flag of Honduras and Nicaragua colors representt & middle part 2. Put both countries on map and color. 3. Cut out Spanish Hispanic Heritage Facts

Wednesday, Sept 20, 2017
ELA: 1. Read chapter 8 & answer comp. questions (why does orange fit chapter 8?) 2. WW Lesson 1 test Friday
MathPreAlg: p 71-74 #1-15
MathAlg: p 27 #11-21
Science: Finish comic pics + take picture & email to self. Complete dialogue/narrative script for voice-over.
Spanish:Research what the colors of "El Salvador" represent. What is the middle thing? What does it represent? - America Central Mapa Label and color 2 countries

Tuesday, Sept 19, 2017
ELA: 1. Ch. 7 & comp. questions for tomorrow 2. WW E or 15 sentences with context clues due tomorrow.
MathPreAlg: Watch Virtual Nerd "What's the Product of Powers?" + notes and "Whats the Quotient of Powers?" + notes
MathAlg: Consecutive Integer Word Problem wksht, quiz tomorrow on solving equations (no word problems)
Science: Complete + take notes on digital text learning (due Friday) - See 8 sci wiki page for link + user & pw info. Check your 'to do' list after accessing & logging in. Open notes assessment Fri on 'What is Science?' - info from all 3 sections.
Spanish: Complete Hispanic Heritage Fill in the Blanks WS . Research "What do the colors on the Mexican/ Guatemalan flag represent? What is the 'thing' in the middle of the flag and what does it represent?

Monday, Sept 18, 2017
ELA: 1. Read chapter 6 & comp. questions 2. WW 1E or sentences with context clues for each word in the lesson (15 sentences)
SS: Finish "Supporting the War" video discussion questions (posted to wiki)
MathPreAlg: Test tomorrow on U1 Real Numbers
MathAlg: Word Problems wksht (write and solve equations, tables will help you solve if needed)
Science: Develop your concept for 'Why Study Science' storyboard of a real-world problem/solution.

Friday, Sept 15, 2017
ELA: 1. Read & comp. questions for chapter 5 2. WW 1D due Monday
MathPreAlg: Finish study guide (Katie/Grace/Yanni - finish Kahoots), test on Tues
MathAlg: Buzz Math "Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides"
SS: Finish reading/annotating/review questions started in class

Thur Sept 14, 2017
ELA: 1. Read chapter 4 & comp. questions in TKaM 2. WW HW due tomorrow: A (full sentences), B, C (pick 2!)
MathPreAlg: Study Guide (different for everyone), take uMS Census if haven't already (check email from Ms. Key)
MathAlg: 1) sign test, 2) Solving Equations wksht (must show all work to be complete, 3) take uMS Census if haven't already (check email from Ms. Key)
Science: 1)Read/annotate 'Why Study Science?' ; 2) Complete Guided Reading Q's; 3) answer 'section assessment' Q's in Sci NB. FRI 9.115.17 Assessment: Reading Info Text: Author purpose, text structure, central idea, evidence from text.
SS: Quiz
Spanish: Answer the following Questions about Hispanic Heritage Month 1. Que se celebra? 2. Cuando se celebra el mes de la Herencia Hispana? 3. Por que se celebra en el mes de septiembre y octubre? 4. Cuantos hispanos hay en los EEUU? 5. Cuando finaliza la celebracion?

Wed Sept 13, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish chapter 3 of TKaM 2. Complete comp. questions for ch. 3 (green or yellow sheet) 3. 2 of 3 WW activities due Friday (A: full sentences, B, C)
MathPreAlg: NH (no class today due to speeches
MathAlg: NH
Science: Read/annotate 'Purr-fect' article + answer MC Q's. Also Determine Author purpose + text structure. [M1 - get article from Mrs. Merten] see 8 sci wiki pg for annotation notes
SS: P1: Check wiki for video and notes to take that you missed today.
Spanish: Finish Study Guide / Email for Questions STUDY Quiz manana

Tuesday, Sept 12, 2017
ELA:1. Read ch. 2 of TKaM & answer comp. questions (on back of ch. 1 comp. questions) 2. 2 of 3 WW activities due Friday (A--full sentences, B, C)
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Locating and Comparing Irrational Numbers," quiz tomorrow on real numbers
MathAlg: Test tomorrow on U1
Science: Complete/collaborate w/partner ITB ws on new article selected in class.
Spanish: Create a 5x5 Bingo card on Dias de la semana/ Partes del Cuerpo/ Preguntas Interrogativas in ENG
Key: 5x5 Abecedario
Study for Quiz

Monday, Sept 11, 2017
ELA: 1.Finish chapter 1 & all the comp. questions for it 2. Due Friday: 2 of 3 WW activities (A--full sentences, B, C)
MathPreAlg: Buzz Math "Estimating Square Roots"
MathAlg: p 1-3 of Study Guide, test on Wed
Science: Complete 5W's on new article from class.
SS: Finish WWI Museum Walk project
Spanish: Create a 5x5 Bingo Card wih the English words of Los Dias De la Semana/ Partes del Cuerpo/ El Abecedario

Friday, Sept. 8
ELA: 1. Read pp. 6-12 of TKam & answer questions 5-8
MathPreAlg: PlayPosit "Recognizing Rational Numbers" video + notes
MathAlg: Linear NonLinear Functiosn packet, test on Wed
SS: WWI Museum Walk project due Tuesday.
Science: NH

Thursday, Sept 7, 2017
ELA: 1. Read page 6 & complete questions 1-4 2. Option E or F for Greek/Latin root to help study for test tomorrow
8KeyRel: Rosary group on Monday
Science: NH
SS: WWI Foursquare Worksheet
MathPreAlg: p 56 #6-14
MathAlg: Increasing Decreasing Functions Packet (handout), quiz tomorrow on arithmetic sequences
Spanish: Cut and Glue Body Parts in NB. Label them. Write 1 sentence. Do a flower for the body parts missing.

Wednesday, Sept 6, 2017
MathPreAlg: p 52 #6-13
MathAlg: p 13 #21-29, quiz on arithmetic sequences Friday
Science: 1)Select science-related article from 8 sci wiki page link (or Mrs. Merten).
2) Read article and determine: A) Author purpose & what article is about
B) Text structure with justification C) Find/list >3 text features
REL: ALL) Prayer Projects Due Friday, Petersen)Prayers of the Faithful (2). Use Google Doc shared with you.
SS: WWI powerpoint slides on 8th SS wiki (you can download the PPT or I added the slides)
ELA: 1. playposit: take notes on characterization terms in section 2 & watch Characterization 2. Option C or D for Greek/Latin root
Spanish: Color La flor. Glue in NB. Answer the Questions underneath petals. Write in NB 5 new Spanish Questions.

Tuesday, Sept 5, 2017
MathPreAlg: p 49 #8-12, finish Buzz Math from class
MathAlg: Buzz Math "Sequences: Using a Formula to Find Terms"
ELA: Draw & color visuals to represent life in 1930s & include evidence from sources
Spanish: Spell out words you know in Spanish using the Spanish alphabet.

Friday, Sept 1, 2017
MathPreAlg: p 43-44 #1-4, 7, 8, #15-25 on LL, quiz on Tuesday
MathAlg: Arithmetic Sequence wksht
Science: NH
ELA: Pick either Option A & B for Greek/Latin root

Thursday, Aug 31, 2017
ELA: Analysis of 1930s photos in sec. 3 of ELA ntbk
MathPreAlg: p 42 ALL (finish p 40 #1-11 in class if I did not check it before you left)
MathAlg: Irrational Numbers wksht (SKIP #9-12, 16, #19-23
Science: Rewatch &Complete notes for Nature of Sci video. Answer who, what, where, when, why regarding context of video (see 8 sci wiki page)
SS: 1)Create one leveled question to the Google sheet in your Google email address 2) Oh the places you went! postcard
Spanish: Finish cutting the date and glue in NB
8K Watch a spanish show for 15 minutes. Subtitles en espanol

Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017
MathPreAlg: Square Root GoogleForm Practice
MathAlg: Buzz Math "Estimating Square Roots," quiz on Friday on real numbers
Science: NH except if Safety Contract is unsigned by parent.
Spanish: Finish Coloring Flower / Cut the Flower/ Glue Flower leaving petals out/ Write 1 sentence for each color inside petal (just like I showed you)

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017
MathPreAlg: p 39 Try These A, Try These B p 41 Try These A
MathAlg: Is It Rational? wksht, quiz on Friday
Spanish: Escribe 8-10 sentences about yourself en Espanol.

Thurs, Aug 24, 2017 - Monday, August 28
MathPreAlg: Activate Buzz Math account, directions on 8PreAlg wiki page - DUE TUES
MathAlg: Activate Buzz Math account, directions on 8MathAlg1 page - DUE TUES
SS: Due Tuesday: Check wiki for reading and discussion questions.
Spanish: Bring in Orange Notebook