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Unit 1: Prayer
NPR Effects of Prayer on Your Brain Podcast
Brain Parts + function

Unit 2: Gospel & Close Reading Parables:

  1. Listen & read lyrics of "Prodigal Son" by Rolling Stones
  2. Answer ?s in notebook:
  3. a) How does this song relate to the parable in the Bible?
  4. b) Which words are repeated often & so what is the emphasis/message of this take on the "Lost Son?"

7 Deadly Sins Project Link

Beatitudes Project Link

Corporal Works of Mercy: Christians Live Out Their Faith
Corporal Works of Mercy

  • 7th Grade Thanksgiving Gratitude Podcasts

Below you'll see the projects and units of study with important links and notes for students in Confirmation II.

7th Grade HS Student Questionnaire

Soup-er Stadium Challenge Info:

Unit 1: Prayer
NPR Effects of Prayer on Your Brain Podcast
Is this Your Brain on God?

Prayer project

Gratitude Organization Support

Unit 2: Discipleship

Unit 3: The Gospels
- FA: What do you know about Jesus?
- Catholic Connections Ch8 [read aloud + ws]
- Comparing the Gospels: Breakthrough Bible: synoptic Gospels: factoid sheet
- Birth of Jesus: Luke 1-2:38 + ws, Matthew 1-2
- Compare Luke & Matthew
- Infancy Narratives

Unit 4: The Work of Jesus:
- Catholic Connections - Ch 11[read aloud + ws]
- Watch 'The Bible' Episode 6, 'The Hope'
- Parable Comics
- Catholic Connections - Ch 12 Jesus Teaches
- Miracle Skits
- Watch 'The Bible' Episode 7, 'The Mission'
- Saints

Unit 5: Corporal Works of Mercy
Christians Live Out Their Faith Essay: Corporal Works of Mercy
Visit the website www.usccb.org in order to gain more knowledge of Catholic organizations that help provide corporal works of mercy to those in need. Consider the questions below and fill out the table as you learn more about an organization.

 What organizations support the corporal works you selected?
 Why is the organization work important?
 How does that organization help people?

Class Action Blog: 2015-16
Religion Project links:

Social Just Photo Collage and Reflection Requirements

AACA Morality Jeopardy Review Game: Test Thursday 5.7.15 over 7 deadly sins, Honoring God, Honoring Family.

10 Commandments Game

Beatitude Project Link:

Lenten Video Links

Stations of the Cross resource

Advent Saint Project:
Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 1.58.11 PM.png

Bishop Cupich's Homily 11.17.14 Read Homily and write the central mesage that Archbishop Blase gives Chicago.

Comic Strip Generator
Wed 11.4.14 -Cath Connections Ch 11 Jesus Teaches- Parable selection + make comic.

Thursday 9.25.14- Read about St. Alphonsa in 'Ablaze'
Wed 9.23.14 - No Religion- class rep election
Tues 9.22.14 - Whole 7 grade- Gospel comparison discussion
Thur 9.18.14 - Gospel comparison ws
Wed 9.17.14- Synoptic Gospel chart
Tues 9.16.14 First Century Israel Powerpoint