Monday, October 23, 2017
ELA: 1. Watch "Partly Cloudy" & so SWBSTF summary in ELA notebook 2 WW A-C (2 of 3 due Friday for Lesson 2)
Pattee Religion: Read "Lost Son" (Luke 15: 11-32) & a) create flow map b) identify symbols, c) classify symbols as +, - and c) interpret the message
Math: Finish Study Guide up to and including #35
Spanish: Comic Strip of 5 Vocab Words - STUDY flags, capitals, presidents of South America
Science: Read/annotate 'Hypothesis' ws; complete reading checkpoint Q +Q4 (others to be done in class)

Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
Religion(Merten) 1)Read Prodigal Son (Luke 15-11-32) & create flow map in NB
2) Find theme, symbols (+),(-), neutral, Jesus' message for Monday
ELA: 1) NRI due tomorrow (plural nouns -- 3 sections) 2. Due Monday: theme packet A-D
Math: p 1 of study guide, make sure you do all parts, test on Thurs
Science: NH
SS: Study 20 min for Tuesday Civil War test
Spanish: Senor Wooly DUE Sat. Finish Ser/ Estar WS - Study for South America Test
Art: Pomranky: Finish and submit your Written Reflection on your Storytelling Cartoon.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Religion (due tomorrow): Read Luke 10: 25-37 & create a flow map in ntbk
ELA: 1. Watch "Presto" + create flow map, bubble map of character(s), + theme: What is the message of the story? 2. Due Friday: NRI plural nouns (3 sections)
Spanish: Ser/Estar WS 6- 10 and Backside (1-7) - Senor Wooly due Sat- Study for Southamerica Test Tuesday
Math: p 46 #11-16
Science: (1) Study Sci Inquiry vocab assessment Thurs; (2) Complete 'Elaborate' tab from Pearson online text (see 7 sci wiki page for link)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Spanish: Flags WS (Name Country, pres, independence, color)- Senor Wooly Nuggets 3-5 due Saturday midnight
ELA: Any unfinished classwork 1. Guided notes on theme (glued in Reading Section) 2. Read and summaries for 153-165 of TBWD.
Math: p 45 #1-10 in book
Science: Sci Inquiry vocab assessment Thursday - begin review & study terms from sci NB + sci inquiry packet.
SS: Quiz Wed

Monday, October 16, 2017
Art: Due Wednesday -- storytelling essay
Spanish: finish the skit & find the flags for Uruguay + Argentina
ELA: 1. finish classwork (worksheet w/BWD) 2. Study for Greek/Latin root summative tomorrow.
Science: Match vocab term to definition for 10 of 30 Interactive NB words.
Math: Quiz tomorrow on operations with rational numbers (fractions, decimals, integers)
SS: Study for Quiz

Friday, Oct. 13, 2017
ELA: Read pp. 140-153 (infinite sign) & summaries 2. Greek & Latin root summative on Tuesday
Math: p.28, # 14-21
Science: color, trim, place Sci Method vocab word bank into Sci NB
SS: Complete Civil War Storybook -DUE MONDAY

Thursday, October 12, 2017
ELA: planning worksheet (you will need your BWD book)
Art: storytelling essay due Wednesday (directions for essay & posting)
SS: Civil War Storybooks: Due Monday!
Science: Complete Watch It! lab station + Research It! station if not complete.
See 7 science wiki page for links + tasks
Spanish: WS conjugating and 1-5 Frnt side - Flag colors meaning- Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia Practice Numeros for Spelling Bee
Math: NH (Sub tomorrow)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Religion (Pattee): draw & color picture of covenant symbol (on scratch paper)
Religion (Merten): complete covenant caption on google doc to add to timeline
ELA: 1. Read and summary of 131-140 at the infinite sign on Google doc 2. Finish context clue worksheet 3. Next Tuesday: summative Greek/Latin root test
Science: 1)Finish Sci Inquiry text + GR pkt; 2)Complete Tutorial section & Preview (15 min) 'Cricket Experiment' from Research It! Lab Station Link
Spanish: Number WS Finish- Comic Strip (Picture and a Spanish Sentence) Pattee- What do the colors on Bolivia flag represent? Symbol?/ Comic strip
Math: p 23 in book
SS: Civil War Storybook due Friday! Get your pages done!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
ELA: 1. read pages 121-131 & summary on G doc 2. Read & answer 2 questions for "Reichstag fire" article
Spanish: What do the colors on Venezuela and Ecuador mean? Symbol?- Complete Nugget due at midnight - Sr Wooly WS
Science: Read/ Annotate Sci Inquiry packet + answer Q's in GR (due Thurs)
SS: work on your Civil War book (due Fri)
Math: Group A: p 21 #6-17 Group B: wksht
Religion: Complete covenant symbol description on google doc

Friday, Oct 6, 2017
SS: Civil War Storybook: 3 pages + front cover -due Tues
Math: Group A: p 18 #11-19, Group B: wksht
ELA: 1. Read pp. 101 (from infinite)-121 (break) & summary
Science: floor plan
  • Merten -- complete visuals on convenant timelines
  • Pattee -- flow map of your covenant story (see Thursday for bible chapters)

Thurs Oct 5, 2017
ELA 1. Read & summaries for pp. 95-101 2. Study for Greek & Latin root (choice E or F)
Math: 1) Quiz tomorrow on fraction and decimal operations, 2) Adding + Subtracting Integers Preassessment GoogleForm
Science: Complete ALL tabs + ALL activities for Digital Ch 1.2 Thinking Like a Scientist -(see 7 sci wiki page) + Cornell Notes on vocab words - Due Tuesday: Bedroom Floor plan
SS: Civil War Storybook: 3 pages + front cover -due Tues
Religion Pattee/ Merten - finish covenant flow map (Merten- Fri/ Pattee- Wed.)
  • Adam & Eve -- Genesis 2: 5 - 3: 1-24
  • Noah -- Genesis 7-9: 1-17
  • Abraham (Abram) -- Genesis 15: 1-21
  • Moses -- Exodus 19 : 1-8; 20: 1-17
  • David – 2 Samuel 7:9-16 & Galatians 4: 4-9
Spanish: What do the colors of the Colombia and Peru represent? The symbol? - Numbers Problems

Wednesday, October 4
ELA: 1.Read pp. 84 (break) to 94 (infinite sign) & summaries on Google doc 2. Greek/Latin root assignment C or D due tomorrow
Math: p 12 Try These A-B and #1-7, quiz on fractions on Friday
Science: 1) HW = how does an artist use the same habits of mind as a scientist? [Hint-Use 'Habits of Mind' notes to answer in Sci NB] 2)Bedroom floor plan due Tues.
SS: Brainstorm idea for booklet cover

Tuesday, October 3
ELA: 1. Read pp. 73 (infinite sign) - 84 (break at top) & summaries on Google doc 2. No Red Ink Pre-assessment due tomorrow.
Science: outline structures of Science Floor map - add little color (no markers)
Spanish: Entrevista de Persona famosa due manana. Study
Math: p 10 #14-29 in book

Monday, October 2, 2017
ELA: 1. Read 62 (break) - 73 (infinite sign) + summaries on Google doc 2. Choice A or B for Greek/Latin root due tomorrow 3. No Red Ink Diagnostic due Wednesday (Pattee: careful goose 59 ; Merten: safe cabbage 56)
Spanish: Entrevista with Famous Person from assigned country due WED. Include Picture
Math: Different HW depending on group today (Groups 1-3 Buzz Math, 4 Exemplar), test retakes by end of week (requirements for test retake are on the 7th Math page)
SS: NH - study /quiz Fri
Science: () PatteeRead/annotate Model handout

Thursday, September 28
ELA: No Red Ink Diagnostic 1 due Tuesday (remember, you will get reading homework assigned on Monday!)
Spanish: 7th Merten Nugget 1 & 2 Must be Completed by Midnight. No Loe Tengo WS/ Study for Quiz WED
Pattee: No Lo Tengo WS / Study for Quiz WED
Science: Complete Classification Read HO + Practice Q's 1-4
Math: NH (test today)
SS: Finish Cornell Notes on Ft. Wagner and Appomattox.

Wednesday, September 27
ELA: 1. finish context clue worksheet 2. study for Wordly Wise test tomorrow
Spanish: Complete Nugget 1 of Sr. Wooly by Viernes at 12:00 am
Math: Test tomorrow on U1 (you do not need to finish the study guide, only if you want to be able to take a retake)
Science: 1) create study card for Scientist Skill vocab quiz 2) Study! (use ws from class, notes)
Religion (Merten) - Complete Thinking Tree Map for Bible (Books of OT and NT)

Tuesday, September 26
ELA: 1. Read pages 45-53 (to infinite) & summary of past on Google doc 2. WW E or sentences w/context clues
SS: Finish reading Vicksburg: A Besieged City and complete guided notes
Math: Second page of study guide, test on Thursday
Science: Complete paragraph Q4 from Inference Lab - you may hand write on lined paper or type/print out and submit with lab procedure.
Religion (Merten) - Complete Thinking Tree Map for Bible (Books of OT and NT)
Spanish: Panama flag. Senor Wooly Account
Merten Code is JDZKR3
Pattee Code is D7UR76

Monday, September 25
Spanish (Pattee): identify what the flag parts mean for Nicaragua & Costa Rica
ELA: 1. Read pages 33 (from break) to 45 (to break at bottom) & do 2 summaries -- one for both past sections & present section 2. WW E or sentences w/context clues due Wed.
Spanish: What does the Nicaragua and Costa Rica flag represent?- Famous Person Practice Alphabet
Math: Finish p1 of study guide (#1-3) (Note: Some people are finishing the MAD wksht), quiz tomorrow on box plots
Science: Complete Prediction Practice skills ws (started in class)
Relgion (Merten) - complete ch 1 pg 17-20

Friday, September 22
ELA: 1.Complete wkst (front and back of chart) with Anti-Semitic laws 2. WW 1D due Monday
Religion (Merten) : p. 16 -- reflection on 3 bible verses given
Science: RI Assessment signed by parent
Math: Buzz Math "Determining the Meaning of the Mean and the Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD)" (calculator allowed!!!)
Spanish: What do the colors and stars in Honduras flag represent? Famous Person?/ Spelling WS- Spell Words

Thursday, Sept. 21
Pattee HR: Class rep speeches due tomorrow
ELA: 1. Read & input summary on notes for 23 (after second infinite) to 33
2. Wordly Wise 2 of 3 (A: full sentences, B, C) due tomorrow
Spanish: What do the colors and stars in Honduras flag represent? Famous Person?/ Spelling WS- Spell Words
Science: 1) Read + annotate (use skills & markings learned!) 'Observation' HO
2) Complete Observing Skills Practice ws
Math: MAD video + answer questions on wiki in notebook

Wednesday, Sept 20 2017
ELA: 1. Read pages 11-19 (stop at break on top of 19) & type summary for past on your Google notes 2. WW pick 2 of 3 (A, B, C) and due Friday
Spanish: Find out who is the Pres of El Salvador- What do the colors represent and the middle thing what is it? What does it represent? Famous person
Math: p 366-369 #13-21
Science: In Sci NB, record 3 qualitative observations + 3 quantitative observations (of your bedroom)

Tuesday, Sept 19, 2017
ELA: 1.Due tomorrow: Make revisions to your summaries from last night's reading notes (blue teacher text) 2. WW 2 of A, B, C due Friday
Math: Box Plot wksht
Science: Read + annotate 'Think Like a Scientist' handout (HO)
SS: Finish Gettysburg ws
Spanish: Merten: Research Questions on Mexico / Guatemala Pattee
WHat do the colors of the flag represent in the Mexican flag? guatemalan? What does the ' center' represent?
Color Map Mexico and Guat.
Rel (Merten): Complete reading (p12-15) of New Testament text + define bolded words in Rel NB. Text Q's may be answered directly in text.

Monday, September 18
ELA: 1. Read pp. 5 (present section) - 10 (stop at infinite sign) & summaries for present & past section 2. WW Activities due Friday (Two of three: A, B, C)
Math: HIstogram wksht
Science: watch Cornell Tutorial link:Cornell Note Review Tips
Spanish: NH

Friday, September 15
ELA: 1. Examine front & back cover and make/record 6 predictions + detail in Reading section of your ELA ntbk
SS: Gettysburgh: A Turning Point: Read, annotate, and take notes (as modeled in class)
Math: Write Sample and Census Inferences
Science: NH
Spanish: conjugation sentences

Thursday, September 14
ELA: All: redo timelines to follow directions given in "After Viewing" (label month, sequential organization, include visual, include color)
Math: sign quiz
Science: FRI 9.115.17 Assessment:Reading Info Text: Author purpose, text structure, central idea, evidence from text.
Spanish: Merten: Ser/Estar WS Pattee: Write your own sentences in ENG using Ser/Estar. Make sure you know the Spn version.

Wednesday, September 13
ELA: Create colorful timeline (use long sheet given) --directions on video sheet
Science: Watch BrainPop Reading Skills + notes
Math: Collect sample data by class tomorrow (email GoogleForm or ask sample at recess)
Spanish: Estar /Ser WS
SS: Finish notes on The Battle of Antietam

Tuesday, September 12
ELA: Watch video & fill in information on guided viewing (DO NOT DO AFTER WATCHING!)
Science: Complete InfoText Breakdown (ITB) ws + 5 W's for Lucy article (see 7 science wiki for class notes)
Spanish: Complete Estar WS- Write 2 sentences for 'ser' 2 for 'Estar" in NB
Math: Study for quiz tomorrow on statistical questions and sampling

Monday, September 11
Spanish: wkst
Religion: Due Oct. 6 canned foods for food drive
Religion Merten: Listen to podcast & answer 'How does prayer affect your brain?"
NPR Prayer Podcast
ELA: Watch & complete playposit questions for Freedom on the Menu
Science: 1) Read 'Lucy' article. 2) Determine Author purpose + what about 3) identify text structure + how you know.
Math: Buzz Math "Using A Sample to Generalize a Population"
SS: study for Quiz Tues - Civil War.

Friday, September 8
7th Religion (Merten): Bring in canned goods due Tuesday
7th Religion (Pattee): 5 W's poster (neat, colorful, informative, legible) due Monday
ELA: 1. Cut & glue yellow notes into Reading Section 2. Watch video & complete guided notes on characters/characterization
Math: Histogram wksh, quiz on Tuesday
Science: NH
SS: Highlight 22.4 in pkt

Thursday, Sept 7, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish 1-8 of problems on wkst 2. Option E or F (to study for tomorrow's Greek & Latin root with "mob, mot, mov)
Science: NH
Religion (Pattee): Due Monday -- neat, colorful, informative, legible, "pop" poster w/5 W's about "Soup-er Stadium Challenge"
Religion [Merten]: Read Matthew 23: 31-46 & respond in Rel NB to
"How does Jesus teach us to treat others, especially those in need?"
Math: NH
SS: Annotate 22.2 and 22.3 to improve highlighting skills

Wednesday, September 6
ELA: 1. Finish parts 1 (4 cartoons) & 2 (4 stories) of Determining Conflict 2. Option C or D for Greek/Latin root (test for Greek/Latin root on Friday!)
Spanish: Finish Todo Sobre Mi and Color. Study for QUIZ manana
Religion Pattee: 2 "stuck with you" statistics from
Science: Complete 'Baking Soda Cannon' lab Q's.
Math: p 335 #23-31
SS: Complete definitions of text features ws in SS folder
Health Class Reminder: Test Friday

Tuesday, September 5
Bring in headphones
Student Council: speeches, poster, & app. due Friday!
ELA: Watch + take guided notes on conflict (glue in Reading Section)
Pattee Religion: Finish podcast & answering questions in Religion ntbk
Sci:Complete lab procedure steps in Sci NB for 'Baking Soda Cannon'
Math: Building Histograms - BuzzMath
Spanish: 7M Watch a Spanish TV show for 20 min. Write 5 familiar words you hear. 7P "Todo Sobre Mi" 4 boxes
Quiz Jueves

Friday, Sept. 1, 2017
ELA: Option A or B for Greek & Latin root due Tuesday
Science: NH
Math: Make a pie chart on GoogleSpreadsheets with birthday data (you can watch a video on how to do this here); DO NOT share it with Ms. Key
Health: Watch video + answer Q's + study for Quiz next Friday.

Thursday, August 31st, 2017
ELA: 1. Watch Multiple Intelligences Video 2. Fill in the guided notes in ntbk (writing section)
Religion (Pattee): bring in headphones
Science: Safety Contract - parent signature if not complete.
Spanish: 7M Glue 'La Flor" in NB/ Write 1 sentence about each color in back of petal as I showed you.
7P : Watch a 15 min show en espanol. Write what show you watched and 5 familiar words you heard.
Math: Measures of Center wksht (both sides)
SS: Oh the Places You Went! postcard

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Spanish: 7M Glue "Las Reglas de la Clase" into your NB. Color "La Flor" . 7P Finish Cocloring/ Cut/ Write 1 Spanish sentence about each color.
Math: NH
Science: Review Lab Safety Contract and sign by parent. Lab Safety Test Thursday. Know basic rules, location of safety equipment.
SS: Fill note card out about self.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Math: Measures of Center wkst
ELA: About Me Survey (due tomorrow) -- Pattee; Merten
Spanish: 7M FInish Reglas Drawings and Cut the two templates. 7P Write 5 things en espanol you will bring to a deserted island.

Monday, August 28, 2017
SS: Decorate SS cover sheet (name, SS#, and decorations!)
Math: Activate Buzz Math account (link & codes on 7th Math)
Science: NH
Spanish: orange notebook

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - Friday, August 25
SS: Decorate social studies cover sheet by Monday (Must include name, social studies #, and decorate it!)
Math: Activate Buzz Math account (links + codes are on the 7th Math page) - DUE TUESDAY
Science: Complete ALL science safety online notes, & questions on lined paper.
Spanish: Bring one Orange Notebook
ELA: finish blog post questions (as directed)