Monday, June 5, 2017
ELA: Get your summative persuasive essays (and any left over reading/expository writing) signed
Math: Egg Drop materials

Friday, June 2, 2017
Math: 1) Test Monday on volume, slices, and surface area 2) bring in egg drop materials by Tuesday
Religion: Monday: Finish part 2 of 7 Deadly Sin project - see 7 Religion Wiki page for updated requirement - share w/Teacher.
Science: NH

Thursday, June 1
ELA: 1. Use sheet of directions & easybib to create works cited entries for your persuasive essay 2. Get purple reading & green paragraph assessments signed.
Math: Surface Area wksht, assessment Monday

Wednesday, May 31 & Tuesday, May 30
ELA: 1. 12 minutes to draft lead ins, transition sentences, and commentary to body paragraphs one and two 2. Get paragraph & reading test signed (in mailbox)
Religion (Pattee): by Thursday, complete #4 (each partner to explain how another deadly sin is glorified by one of their examples).
Math: Finish Volume Review wksht (front and back) by Thursday, June 1
Science: NH

Friday, May 26
ELA: (due Tuesday)
1. Finish typing your evidence onto group's google doc
2. File --> Make a copy of persuasive outline & fill in topic sentence + 2 pieces of evidence for body 1 & 2
3. Due Wed: summative paragraph signed
Religion (Pattee): Finish slides 1-5 of 7 Deadly Sins w/partner
Religion (Merten): Finish part 1 of 7 Deadly Sins & share w/Mrs. Merten
SS: Read & notes on final two sections

Thurs, May 25, 2017
BAND ONLY: 1) Read the following link: Band Assignment & article link actual link to article 2) Write a 1 page response (12 font, double spaced) 3) Parent signature your paper indicating your parent is aware of the assignment and why it has been assigned. Submit to Ms. Esquivel before 8 am bell Thursday May 26.
ELA: 1. Due tomorrow: 8 boxes total for research for persuasive argument
2. Due Tuesday: parents sign summative paragraph
Religion (Merten): Finish Part 1 (due Tues May 30)of 7 Deadly Sins Project & share w/Mrs. Merten.
Religion (Pattee): Due Tues, May 30: Finish slides 1-5 w/partner
SS: Due Tuesday: Read/notes on final two sections, "To Make the World "Safe for Democracy" and "The Struggle for Peace".

Wednesday, May 24
Religion (Pattee): Finish brainstorming your 4 examples for 7 deadly sins project
ELA: Read, annotate, and answer question for "School Schedule" argument
Science: (Merten)Colorize offspring + Complete your Punnett squares onto Punnett Square worksheet + name each offspring & family.
Math: Test tomorrow on similar figs, Pythagorean Theorem, dilations

Tuesday, May 23
Religion Merten: Beatitude Project! Share w/ your HR teacher
ELA: NH; review study guide for tomorrow's summative reading assessment
Science: NH if Paper Pet is decorated.
SS: Notes on Ch 28.6 The Outbreak of WWI & 28.7 A New Kind of Warfare
Math: Finish Study guide

Monday, May 22
Merten Religion: 1 & 2 for seven deadly sins project (have all examples!)
ELA: Complete study guide for Tangerine -- skip number 11
Science (Dohan) NH; (Merten) complete paper pet genotype + phenotype, cut out; decorate using selected trait features.
SS: Study for Tues test & finish pic. explanation
Math: Finish packet to p. 10

Friday, May 19
Religion: Listen to minutes 44-51 of TED Talk: 7 Deadly Sins & RATE questions (on your email)
ELA: 1. Read 270-304 in Tangerine and complete RATE questions
Science: Ch 3 Vocabulary Assessment Monday Lesson 1,2,3- Use study guide to review vocab and concepts.
Math: If Pythagoras Had Instagram , must be printed off

Thursday, May 18
ELA: 1. If not completed in class, self-check 252-266 RATE 2. WW 9E & STUDY !!!
Math: If Pythagoras Had Instagram (Due on Monday 5/22)
Science: Read/Annotate/Complete Text boxes for Lesson 4 Chromosomes & Inheritance pp 92-97.

Wednesday, May 17
ELA: 1. Yellow planning sheet for tomorrow's summative expository paragraph 2. Review "Nadia" paragraph to identify goals for yourself
Science: Read & complete text boxes for: Ch3.3 pp 86-91Patterns of Inheritance.
Math: NH
SS: NH, test moved to Monday

Tuesday, May 16
ELA: 1. Read & RATE for 252-266 2. WW 9C & D due Wed.
Math: Watch Virtual nerd Dilation + notes, quiz tomorrow on similar figures
Science: Read & complete text boxes for Lesson 2 Probability & Heredity pp 80-85. Work on Leprechaun Genetics packet (complete by Thurs)

Monday, May 15
ELA: Read from 237-252 & RATE responses 2. WW 9C & D due Wed.
Math: Buzz Math "Scale Factors" (watch video + notes if not done in class), quiz on Wed
Science: Complete Genetics w/a Smile Activity - print Computer drawing + Color by hand. Be sure to reference all directions on both lab sheet + phenotype sheet.

Friday, May 12
ELA: 1) Finish part 2 (no RATE responses) 2) Read 204-230 & RATE responses for these pages 3) WW 9B due Mon
Math: 1) Finish tessellation and reflection (questions on 7th Math page) 2)Buzz Math "Solving Problems with Proportions
Science: Watch BriainPop links + take notes + 3 things you learned:
(1) Genetics (3:04) (2)Heredity Also - make sure you have notes/ content as posted on 7 sci wiki page over Ch 3.1
SS: Study Guide + shared presentation

Thursday, May 11
ELA: 1. Read & RATE responses for 170-186 2. WW 9A due tom
Math: p 163 #8-16 in book (Quiz Bowl Math: same + tessellation due Monday)
Science: Complete 'Class Survey' lab Q's 1-3. [Note: for Q #2, see 7 science wiki for full 7th grade class data]. Mutation video discussion readiness for Friday.
SS: Complete Study Guide for : Philipines, Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba
Religion: complete & share your Beatitudes CNN Hero presentation w/HR teacher

Wednesday, May 10
ELA: 1. Read pp. 155-170 & RATE responses 2. WW9A due Friday
Math: NH
Science: Watch & notes on BrainPop: Mutations Answer in Sci NB: 1 Thing that surprised you, 2 types of mutations, 3 things you learned.
SS: Complete ws: Virgin Islands, Alaska (presentations are in your email :)

Tuesday, May 9
ELA: 1. Read pp. 137-155 and RATE responses (questions in mailbox on white paper, not colored I'm sorry)
MATH: Finish sketching/ tracing tesselations
Science: Cut & tape/paste vocab panel into Sci NB.
SS: American Imperialism Powerpoint and Study Guide due tomorrow. Presentations start tomorrow!

Friday, May 5
ELA: Read pp. 97-133 (Monday, Sept. 18 - Tues. Sept. 26) and RATE responses. If you aren't finished - finish Tangerine Part 1 Comic
Science: Finish class work- Chapter 3.1 (p. 74-79) Read/Annotate/Cornell Notes/Text Boxes and Mensa for Kids Packet.
Social Studies: Work on project if needed; Presentations on Wednesday

Thursday, May 4
ELA: If in class, 10 minutes working on summary/theme cartoon. If absent, generate Somebody - Wanted - But - So - Then - Finally summary + theme & examples for teacher check tomorrow
Spanish: Study for Test on Friday if Absent tomorrow on Tuesday
Science - Finish class work if not finished it is homework over weekend
Social Studies- Work on project if needed

Wednesday, May 3
Spanish: Reread Chapters 1-8 and underline anything that is confusing. Bring in old Vocab WS
Tuesday, May 2
ELA: 1. Read & RATE responses for 77-89 (last few questions on orange sheet!) 2. Make flashcards or foldable for "nym" words
Spanish: Comic Strip of Chapters 4-7 (8-10 Boxes Total) Preferably if colored
Science: Lab packet to be completed when you are next in class.

Monday, May 1
ELA: 1. Read & RATE responses for pp. 65-77 2. Flashcards or foldable for "log" words
Math: NH, test on Thursday/Friday
Science: re watch video + answer Q's (see 7 Sci wiki page for May 1).
SS: Watch video, answer discussion Q's.

Friday, April 27, 2017
ELA: Due Monday: Reading and RATE responses for pp. 33-65 (in section 1 of ELA ntbk) 2. Thursday: Greek & Latin root summative with "log" & "nym" words
Math: Brainstorm tessellation ideas (
Science: Piktochart -Repro Success completed for assessment. Google doc of pikto copy printed & submitted w/green rubric.
SS: White 'Cost-Benefit' Analysis ws completed.
Spanish: White ws on Ch 8.

Thursday, April 27, 2017
ELA: Read and complete RATE responses for pp. 33-50 (in section 1 of ELA ntbk)
Science: Repro Success info on piktochart.
Spanish: Dohan: Chapter 7 Questions Merten: Chapter 8 Vocabulary
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
ELA: RATE responses for pp. 29-33 due tomorrow (in section 1 of ELA ntbk)
Math: Bring in props for graphing story video (if necessary) on Thurs

Monday, April 24
ELA: RATE responses in section 1 of ELA notebook for p. 29-33 (Wed, August 23rd)
Science: Add Reproduction Success to Piktochart - presentations Friday 4.28.17
Math: NH (Begin thinking of ideas for your tessellations)

Friday, April 21
ELA: 1. Study for Greek/Latin root test on Monday 2. Read pp. 17-28 and answer questions for dates: Saturday, August 19, later & Monday, August 21
Science: Complete Research /Checklist for Repro Success of endangered species to Google-doc (2) Print Google doc for Monday.
Spanish: Casi se Muere Capitulo 7 Preguntas- Dohan: Revise your answers
Math: 1) Reflection wksht 2) Quiz on reflections, rotations & reflections

Thursday, April 20
ELA: 1. Read pp. 6-17 & answer questions for dates Friday August 18 & Saturday, August 19th (in section 1 of ntbk)
SS: Pattee Immigration Fair tomorrow!
Science: Finish some research on reproduction success for your endangered species + add to your original googledoc. See green worksheet & refer to 'Reproduction Success' heading.
Math: Watch Reflection video + notes

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Religion (Pattee): (list here)watch the video associated with your CNN hero
ELA: 1. Finish research 2. Group member make title page & share presentation 3. Sentences w/context clues for words 1-5
Math: Rotation wksht pp 1-3
Science: NH
SS: Immigration Fair Tomorrow! Come prepared with 1) Clothing, 2) Food Item (dropped off first thing in the morning) 3) Food plate (name of food item, country of origin, brief description, and your name) and 4) your scrapbook and name plate. Can't wait!
Spanish: Finish Reading Capitulo 7- Complete WS in complete sentences

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
ELA: 1. Do research & paraphrase responses for one topic box 2. Visuals & definitions (page 2) of Greek/Latin root "nym" words.
Math: Rotating shape practice
Science: Study for plant reproduction + pollination assessment Wed.
SS: Finish scrapbook & name plate. Food plate not due until the day you present.
Spanish: Vocabulary from Chapter 7- Draw a picture and write a sentence

Wed, April 12, 2017
Math: NH
Science: NH
Spanish: If you did not take Quiz today, Quiz will be on Tuesday Chapters 3-5 Study!!!

Tuesday, April 11
ELA: 1. Revise (either retype or rewrite) "Nadia" paragraph 2. Print before class & staple on top of revised paragraph
Spanish: Study for Quiz Tomorrow- Reread Chapters 3-5 And Write Summary - Study Vocabulary Words
Science: review flower reproduction notes/ written assessment next week- see 7 sci wiki for notes + write prompt.
Math: Finish translation packet (with ruler)

Monday, April 10, 2017
ELA: Aspire MC Questions (Pattee HR ; Merten HR)
Math: Buzz Math "Translating Shapes on a Coordinate Grid"
Science: complete flower dissection sketches w/labels - know purpose of flower, male parts, female parts.
SS: scrapbook work if needed.

Friday, April 7
ELA: Watch "Paperman" and do summary in ntbk (Somebody - Wants - But - Then - So - Finally)
Religion: (Pattee) finish the unpacking Beatitudes worksheet
Science: 1) Complete online lesson Flower Reproduction/TESw/notes in Sci NB to prep for flower dissection Monday. Pattee: 2)Complete Benefits/Drawbacks of each medium available to learn new information (see T chart on 7 Sci wiki)
Spanish: Dohan- Bring Quizzes Signed- Put Chapters 1-6 in order
Merten- Translate Paragraph / Come up with 3 questions about Paragraph

Thursday, April 6
ELA: 1. In section 2 of ELA ntbk, Summary of "Nadia the Willful" (Somebody Wanted But So Then Finally)
SS: Read/annotate/discussion questions on "The Closing Door". Timeline needs to be completed on a separate sheet of paper.
Science: Watch BrainPop: Pollination + take vocab notes, + label flower diagram.
BrainPop: Pollination (2.5 min)
Spanish: Bring Quizzes signed- Questions of Chapter 6

Wednesday, April 5
ELA: 1. Complete yellow planning sheet for ONE prompt 2. Use old rubric from MT, 1955 to make writing goals/reminders for yourself on back of yellow planning sheet
Spanish: Merten- Read Capitulo 6 and Answer Questions / Draw Pic/ sent for Vocab Words
Dohan: Vocab Words for Chapter 6- Draw and Write a sentence
SS: Answer discussion questions on "Resistance to Immigration" packet.
Science: NH
Math: NH (check in on volume on Friday)

Tuesday, April 4
Religion: (Pattee) Finish front side of purple planning sheet.
ELA: 1. Read "Nadia the Willful" & graph emotions of Nadia & Tarik (follow given directions) -- can graph on either bottom of story or separate sheet of paper
Spanish: Merten- Redo Questions of Chapter 3 if needed
Science: NH
Math: NH (check in on Friday on pyramids/prisms)
SS: Journals 1-5 due Friday

Monday, April 3
ELA: 1. Study for Greek/Latin root with "log" 2. Watch "For the Birds" & do SWBSTF (summary) and theme in sec. 2 of ntbk 3. Bring in headphones for tomorrow
Math: p 213 #1-6 in book
Science: Make sure your piktochart is completed/ correct.

Friday, March 31
Spanish: Selena worksheet en espanol (cut and glue into notebook)
ELA: 1. Glue notes into section two 2. Guided notes on theme 3. Greek & Latin root sentences 6-10 with context clues
Math: NH

Thursday, March 30, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish "Mother to Son" w/RATE of mood 2. Greek/Latin root sentences 1-5 w/context clues 3. No Red Ink plurals: 1-3 due Friday
Spanish: Read Capitulo 5 "Casi se Muere"- Write a summary in ENG (at least 5 sentences)
Science: project due Monday
SS: get a scrapbook
Math: study for test tomorrow

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
ELA:1.Page 2 of Greek/Latin root packet (defs & vis) 2. No Red Ink: plurals 1-3 due Friday
Math: Finish area study guide, test on Friday
Science: Watch Piktochart tutorials (all 3) to prep for building your infographic. (see 7 Science wiki page)
Spanish: Merten: Write 1 Paragraph in Spanish about Selena Quintanilla. Dohan: Write 2 paragraphs in Spanish about Selena
SS: Continue getting family information for class time work

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Spanish: Chapter 4 Summary and Write 5 Questions about Chapter
ELA: rewrite or retype revised on-demand paragraph (print before class)
Math: Finish study guide
Science: (1) Using a google doc, embed sources, pictures of selected endangered species.
(2) Develop complete sentences to describe how your endangered organism obtains each of its 'needs' for survival (location & habitat, climate, shelter, food, water).
(3) Develop complete sentences of genetic features that help organism survive.
SS: Gather Information for Immigration research

Monday, March 27, 2017
ELA: 1. Guided notes on figurative language & 1-10 practice (in section 2) 3. No Red Ink: they're, there, their -- your, you're -- checkpoint (due tomorrow)
Math: p 184 #5-12
Science: Use 3 credible sources to Complete your selected Endangered Species 'Needs' WS.
Spanish: Comic Strip Chapters 1-3 & Vocab Words

Friday, March 17, 2017
Math: 1) Finish Aspire Packet 2) p 186 #1-4
Science: NH
Spanish: Comic Strip Chapters 1-3 & Vocab Words

Thursday, March 16
ELA: 1. Due tomorrow: WW 8D & 8E 2. Study for Lesson 8 WW test
Spanish: Finish Reading Chapter 3. Answer Questions. Study for Quiz
Science: NH if 'Needs' & 'Soapy Seed' paragraphs have been submitted.
Math: p 179-181 #1-10 in book

Wednesday, March 15
ELA: 1. Purple worksheet: front and back 2. Due Friday: WW 8D & E + lesson 8 test 3. Due Tuesday back from break: No Red Ink: they're, their, there / you're your / checkpoint
Spanish: Draw a Picture for Capitulo 3 Vocab Words and write a Sentence for each vocab word. Make sure you conjugate correctly.
Math: quiz tomorrow on constructing triangles/area of polygons/circles - PatteeBand - 1 of 2 circle Buzz Maths from class you missed
Science: Soapy Seeds Analysis paragraph completed. 'Needs' paragraph should be well-developed & ready for final version print-out.

Tuesday, March 14
ELA: 1. Due tomorrow: Read chapter 17 & summarize in ntbk 2. Due Friday: WW 8D 3. Due Friday: No Red Ink: they're, their, there -- your, you're -- Checkpoint
Math: Area of Polygons wksht (both sides)
Science: Complete 'Soapy Seeds' Analysis paragraph & print.
SS: Study for quiz Thurs
Spanish: Finish reading Chapter 2 - Answer Questions about Chile in Complete Sentences

Monday, March 13
Merten Religion: Finish corporal/spiritual works of Mercy visual & caption
ELA: 1. Finish chapter 16 & summarize in ELA ntbk 2. No Red Ink: 3 sections due tom (no/know - by/buy - a lot) 3. WW8D due Wed
Math: Finish 2 of 3 Buzz Maths (any of the 3), quiz on Thursday
Science: Complete Soapy Seed Analysis paragraph - see 7 Sci wiki page for paragraph organization.
SS: Immigration quiz Thursday

Thursday, March 9, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish chapter 15 & answer questions (Pattee ; Merten) 2. WW 8B & C due Monday 3. No Red Ink: (no/know; buy/by/bye; a lot) due Tuesday
Spanish: Write down definition of Vocab Words Ch 2- Write 1 sentence for each word.
MathMerten: Draw 5 Triangles with explanations of uniqueness
MathPattee: Finish Triangle drawing with explanations of uniqueness
Science: NH

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
ELA: 1. Finish chapter 14 & do flow map of the order of witnesses who testify (sec. 2 of ELA ntbk) 2. No Red Ink (Its/it's - a/an - too/to/two) due tomorrow 3. WW 8B & C due Monday
Spanish: Finish Reading Capitulo 1- Answer Questions 1-8 in Complete Sentences en espanol. Palabras Que conoces (to know)
Math: p 151 #1-18 in book
Science: sketch each part of steps 2-4 (2a, 2b, etc;)in Sci NB - label as 0%, 1%, 5%
SS: Jewish notes (using graphic organizer on wiki)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
ELA: 1. Read pages 155-165 & create chapter title 2. WW 8A due tom 3. No Red Ink (It's/Its, A/an, and Too/To/Two) due Thurs.
Science: Complete 'Rachel Carson' Q's 1) What is a scientific question? 2) What contribution is Rachel Carson best known for? 3) How did Rachel Carson's work influence society?
Math: p 150 #7-19-- Draw #16-18 in notebook or on LL
SS: Make graph on immigration
Spanish: Answer ws Q's

Monday, March 6, 2017
Religion (Merten): skit is printed for tomorrow am
ELA: 1. Read chapter 13 & notes (1s = C; 2s = D; 3s = A; 4s = B); 2. WW 8A due Wed.
Science: study for assessment: 'What is Life?' - needs & common characteristics - know what each means/ why important.
Math: Watch video + notes
SS: No homework

Friday, March 3
ELA: Read chapter 12 & notes (1s = B; 2s = C; 3s = D; 4s = A)
Math: p 147-148 #1-5 in book, quiz on Monday on Interior/Exterior Angles
Science: Study for 'Needs & Characteristics of Living Things assessment Tues.
SS: Complete documentary discussion questions. Print it!

Thursday, March 2
Religion (Pattee): insert your OWN picture of yourself from monologue and fill in info.
ELA: 1. Watch Fish is Fish 2. In section 3 of ELA notebook, create a) flow map of sequence of events and b) use RATE to answer Why does fish jump out of the water near the end of the story?
Math: p 146 #11-16 (do not need to finish coding wksht for polygon)
Science: Make a tree map in Sci NB of Living Things: include categories NEEDS(4) + Characteristic (6)

Wednesday, March 1
ELA: 1. Watch video & follow along to complete front side of wkst 2. complete back side of worksheet
Religion (Pattee): Add info and picture to your slide on pres.
Math: Aspire packet

Tuesday, Feb. 28
ELA: 1. Read chapter 11 of MT, 1955 2. Notes for your role (4s = A, 1s =B; 2s = C; 3s = D)
Math: Angle Sums wksht (only required to do p 21)
SS: 1) Glue in your Jewish and Immigration notes into your notebook. 2) Make sure your America the Story of Us: Cities study guide questions 1-5 are also in your notebook

Monday, Feb. 27
ELA: 1. Explain if each of 4 summaries is effective/ineffective 2. read chapter 10 (summative reading assessment tomorrow!)
Math: 1) Finish Buzz Math 2) Polygon Angles packet #a-h
Merten Religion: (due Thursday): define chapter 12 vocabulary & list corporal and spiritual works of mercy.
Science:Complete google doc w/ 4 examples of a biotic thing & abiotic factor + explanation of connection. The biotic and abiotic factors should include different examples. [ Biotic Thing l Abiotic Factor l Connection/Explanation]

Friday, Feb. 24
ELA: 1. Passage 3 commentary practice 2. Read chapter 9 + your notes (3s=A; 4s=B; 1s= C; 2s =D)
3. Get Wordly Wise & persuasive letters signed
Spanish: Finish First or Final Draft of Invitation- FINAL Draft needs to be PRINTED BEFORE Class.
pg 274 Choose 5 verbs and and create 5 different creative questions. Write on a separate WS
Math: p 143 #6-7 & p 144 #16-18 + investigation
Science: Complete Particle Motion / Change of State paper model project.

Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017
ELA: 1. Context clues worksheet (in mailbox) 2. Get Wordly Wise and persuasive letters signed.
Science: Work on Particle Motion StoryBoard -
Spanish: Draft of Invitation
Math: 1) Complete angle note sheet 2) Quiz tomorrow on angle relationships (can use note sheet if completed)

Wed, Feb 22, 2017
Religion: study for Gospels quiz tomorrow
ELA: Complete bio (partner 1= 1-3 ; partner 2 =4-5) and do personality trait analysis (each partner just does one)
Math: Parallel Lines Transversal wksht #1-18
Spanish: Finish WS- Complete Sentences
Science: NH
CHOIR: Bring Lunch Be Dressed in Uniform/ Ready to go.

Tuesday, February 21
ELA: 1. Read chapter 8 of MT, 1955 with new jobs (3s=A; 4s=B; 1s= C; 2s =D) 2. get WW Lesson 7 test signed by Thursday
Religion (Pattee): side one of Religion study guide due tomorrow
Spanish: Answer in Complete sentences Lorena's Questions. Use pg 261
Math: Finish Geogebra Investigation
Science: Complete Foldable as study prep for assessment Wed.
SS: Reconstruction Test tomorrow

Thursday, Feb. 16
ELA: 1. Read chapters 6 & 7 of MT, 1955 and notes for each chapter (2s=A; 3s=B; 4s=C; 1s=D)
Religion: wkst (comparison) of Matthew 28:1-10 & Luke 24-12 Resurrection stories due Wed.
Spanish: Read pg 260-261 and Complete WS in Complete sentences- Part D en espanol
SS: Reconstruction Road signs. Test on Wednesday
Science: NH/ Vocab Assessment Wed Ch 2.2 Change of State
Math: p 145 #1-10 in book, quiz on Tuesday

Wednesday, Feb. 15
ELA: 1.WW 7E due tomorrow 2. Lesson 7 WW test tomorrow!
Math: Aspire Quizlet Packet
Science: Read Pre-Lab info text + answer Pre-lab Q's;
SS: Study for Assessment

Tuesday, Feb. 14
ELA: 1.Read chapter 5 of MT, 1955 and now with DIFFERENT roles (2s=A; 3s=B; 4s=C 1s=D) Pattee HR; Merten HR 2. WW 7D due tomorrow
Science: Complete text pp54-55 - Changes of State/ Phase Change.
Math: Buzz Math "Angle Measures"

Monday, Feb. 13
ELA: 1. Read chapter 3 & 4 of MT, 1955 and do same question for BOTH chapters (1s=A; 2s =B; 3s =C; 4s =D) 2. If haven't done yet, revise your during reading note 3. WW 7D due Wed.
Science: Complete RANT work on Ch 2.2 pp 49-53 'Changes of State'.
Notes should be in 'Cornell Style'.
Math: p137 #1-10
SS: Begin study/review for Quiz Thurs.
Spanish: Ws Both Front and Back and Actividad 26 pg 258 Answer in Complete Sentences

Friday, Feb. 10
ELA: 1. Read chapter 2 of ;MT, 1955 and 1s=A; 2s=B; 3s=C; 4s=D for your group (Pattee HR; Merten HR) 2. WW 7C due Monday
Spanish: Ws Both Front and Back and Actividad 26 pg 258 Answer in Complete Sentences
Science: Matter Changing States -BrainPop (4.5 min)+ take notes
BRAIN POP: user name = aaca; pw = rockets
BrainPop Link:
SS: Finish Notecards plz

Thursday, Feb. 9
ELA: 1. In section 3 Pre-Reading for MT, 1955 2. WW 7B due tomorrow
Math: study for TEST
SS: Quiz tomorrow (Presidential, Congressional, Southern Reconstruction)
Spanish: Both WS front and Back
Science: Wksht + study for vocab assessment: S, L , G

\Wednesday, Feb. 8
ELA: 1. Read/listen and answer questions for "____of Emmett Till" by Bob Dylan 2. WW 7B due Friday
Math: Complete study guide up to #23.
Science: Complete R&R wksht as prep for vocab Assessment Fri.
Spanish: Finish writing sentences from class.

Tuesday, February 7
ELA: 1. Use easybib and create both works cited entry & add in-text citations for your supporting evidence (summarized or direct quote) 2. print your letter 2. WW 7A due tomorrow
SS: Complete reading and guided notes from class today
Science: Ch 2.1 - p45-47 (Gases) RANT: Read, Annotate, Notes, Text Boxes. Complete notes on gases in format started in class.
Spanish: Dohan pg 250 Actividad 13 Merten: Pg 251 Invitacion A un Amigo
PE: Unit test on basketball and floor hockey on Friday (handouts under PE and Health tab)
Math: Finish direct variation wksht

Monday, Feb. 6
ELA: 1. Watch "call to action" from 1:20-end & answer 2 questions (glue in section 3 of ELA ntbk) 2. WW 7A due Wed.
Math: Watch "Find the Constant of Variation, k" video + notes (on calculating k without tables/graphs)
Science: Read Text pp36-44 (solids & liquids) - complete text boxes. BrainPop -States of Matter

Friday, February 3
ELA: In section 3 of ELA notebook, cut, organize, and glue counterclaim/rebuttal section 2. Answer questions.
Spanish: Merten: pagina 249 Actividad 12 Dohan: pg 248 Actividad 11
Both Classes Complete sentences follow the models
Science: Watch Link: BrainPop Water Answer Q's (1) What is author purpose (PIE)? (2) What is the benefit and drawback of presenting info in this medium?
Math: Proportional Relationships wksht

Thursday, February 2
ELA:1. Sentences 6-10 for Greek & Latin root words 2. Study for Greek& Latin test tomorrow
Math: Buzz Math "Proportional Relationships & Graphs"
Science: NH
Spanish: Merten Class: pg 248 Actividad 11 Dohan: pg 248 Actividad 11 FOLLOw THE MODEL- Complete Sentences

Wednesday, February 1
ELA: 1. Finish "outline for senator" wkst (front only) 2. No Red Ink: due tomorrow (Evaluating FANBOYS & checkpoint) 3. Due Friday & test: sentences 6-10 w/Greek & Latin root words.
Math: 1) Finish Buzz Math from class (Proportional Relationships) 2) Constant of Proportionality wksht (both sides)
Science: (1)Complete Info Reading + Q's on 'Lost Leonardo' article. (2) view images(See pictures of the search for the lost Leonardo.)
(3) Bring headphones for next step.
Spanish: Ms. Dohan Finish Translation plus Activity 3 pg 245 / Merten Actividad 5 pg 246

Tuesday, January 31
ELA: 1. Sentences for words 1-5 of Greek/Latin root words 2. Due Thursday: No Red Ink (Evaluating FANBOYS & Checkpoint)
Spanish: Merten: Translate pgs243-244 Dohan: Translate pg 241
Science: In incomplete, Finish 'Art Sleuth' article + questions on separate paper (Monday classwork)
Math: p 92-93 #17-32
SS: Annotate and assess Student Example 2

Monday, January 30
Religion (Merten) Painting Analysis of your assigned version of Prodigal Son
ELA: due tomorrow visuals & definitions for "sid, sed, sess"
Math: Pattee - page 1-2 of Review Packet, Merten - page 1 only, quiz tomorrow on unit rates
Science: Molecular Structure Model due Tuesday.

Friday, January 27
Religion (Dohan): Painting Analysis of Prodigal Son
Spanish: 1. p. 240-241, write down all the bolded words in ntbk 2. play the duck hang man & fast hand games
ELA: 1. Read "Digital Pirates" and complete open response question 2. Multiple choice ?s (Dohan HR ; Merten HR) 3. signed essays due Monday
Math: Graph two graphing stories from
Science: Molecular Model project due Tuesday (fully completed) - check your pink rubric for details.
SS: Civil War Reconstruction notes

Thurs January 26, 2017
ELA: 1.WW 6E 2. Lesson 6 test tomorrow 3. signed Seedfolks essays (due Monday)
Math: Buzz Math "Solving Problems with Unit Rate"
Science: Plan/ collect materials for molecular structure project - Friday classwork time only.
SS: 22.4 Southern Reconstruction - guided notes
Religion: Merten - finish 'Prodigal Son' summary Luke 15: 11-32

Wednesday, January 25
ELA: 1. NRI: Id. Functions of FANBOYS due tomorrow 2. WW 6E & Test on Friday 3. Due Friday: signed Seedfolks essays
Math: p 78 #1-8 in book Getting Ready
Science: Create your own model of molecular patterns. See 7 sci wiki class blog.
SS: Finish ws from class today
Spanish: Quiz tomorrow

Tuesday, January 24
ELA: 1. Tan sheet: credible source analysis 2. WW 6D due tomorrow 3. Due Thursday: No Red Ink: Functions of Conjunctions
Spanish: Study for Present Tense/ present Progressive/ Future Quiz on Thursday

Science: NH - (marshmellow molecule building Tues).
SS: Read 23.3 Congressional Reconstruction and fill out guided notes worksheet

Monday, Jan 23, 2017
ELA: 1. Neat, accurate visuals for "How a Bill Becomes a Law: City Level" 2. WW 6D due Wed. (and we'll correct 6C)
Math: finish study guide, test on Wed
Science: NH - prep for molecule model Tuesday
SS: 23.2 Presidential Reconstruction ws 1-3 bullets

Friday, January 20
ELA: 1. Use "Jill's Story" to generate reasons and evidence for Monday's debate (both sides) 2. WW 6C due Monday
Math: NH
Spanish: Study for Test on Thursday Present Tense/ Present Progressive/ Future Tense/ Vocabulary
Science: Complete pink molecule pkt. Begin white Molecular Structure- include formula, atoms, add in molecular structure for molecule (except sugar).
Art: due Thursday, Jan. 26 -- answer questions about Aboriginal Art in complete sentences on a Google doc (and print before class!):
  1. What is Australian Aboriginal Art?
  2. What are some of the Australian Aborigine's traditions?
  3. What does Australian Aboriginal Art represent?
  4. Find an example of Australian Aboriginal Art with its meaning:
  5. What materials did the Australian Aborigines use to make art? Are they using different materials in the present time?
  6. What is a Didgeridoo?
  7. Find an Australian Aboriginal Art piece of your liking and copy & paste it. This will be used as your inspiration for your next art project (cool!).

Thursday, January 19
ELA: 1. Complete argument "puzzle" and questions 2. quiz on argument vocab tomorrow (terms on yesterday's ELA wiki page) 3. WW 6B due tomorrow
Math: p 73 #14-19
SS: Finish classwork (posted to the SS wiki)
Science: Study for molecule structure assessment.
Spanish: pg 230-231 Make sure Entrevista is Ready to Print, Please REVISE

Wednesday, January 18
ELA: 1. In notebook, annotate the counterclaim/rebuttal paragraph 2. Make flashcards for argument terms 3. NRI section 1 (Identifying FANBOYS) due tomorrow
Math: Front side of inequalities wksht ( finish Add/Sub Buzz Math from yesterday if did not do)
Science: Prep for molecule quiz: definition, water molecule structure, hydrogen peroxide molecule structure.
Spanish: Complete Interview Questions and Complete Answers COMPLETE SENTENCES in Google Docs.

Tuesday, January 17
ELA: 1. Classifying Ethos, Logos, Pathos 2. WW 6A due tomorrow 3. NoRed Ink: Identifying FANBOYS (1 section) due Thursday
Science: Complete 'Watch It!' task & answer associated Q's: New 'Watch It!' Link
Watch It #2: What is the difference between atoms and molecules?
Watch It #3: How doe the instructor compare atoms and molecules to Lego bricks?
Watch It #4: Describe what a molecule of water looks like. How many atoms are there? Are the atoms combined together? How?
Spanish: Come up with 6 questions to ask your famous Latin American person. En espanol.

Friday, January 13
ELA: 1. Guided notes on persuasive appeals (glue in Section 3 of ELA ntbk) 2. (for future) WW 6A due next Wed.
Math: NH
Science: Know water & hydrogen peroxide molecule formula plus structure for Tuesday.
SS: Complete worksheet on Gettysburg and Vicksburg impacts (from class today)
Spanish: pg 225 Actividad 21 y Actividad 23 /Dohan Actividad 21 ONLY - Prayer Tuesday if not done today

Thursday, January 12
ELA: 1. Greek/Latin root sentences 6-10 2. study for test tomorrow 3. headphones to class
Math: test tomorrow
Science: NH
Spanish: Memorize Prayer and page 225 Actividad 20


Wednesday, January 11
Pattee Religion: your synoptic Gospel section
ELA: 1. Side 1 of wkst (should students be required to take gym) 2. Greek/Latin root sentences 1-5 (complete sentences!) 3. Bring in headphones (again)
Spanish: pg 224 actividad 19 Complete sentences/ Terminar el SKiT and 3/4 questions
Math: Study Guide #1-20, test on Friday
Science: Cookie jar density practice problems - see 7 science wiki page

Tuesday, January 10
ELA: 1. Definition + Visuals for "pos" words due tomorrow 2. Identifying Claims (in Sec. 3 of ELA ntbk)
Spanish: pg 219 Actividad 14 Answer in complete sentences
Science: Measurement Assessment Wed - review notes, text, density.
Math: p 64 #1-12 (don't do on number line), test on Friday

Monday, January 9th
ELA: 1. Watch video on arguments & take guided notes (in Sec. 3 of ELA ntbk) 2.No Red Ink 3 sections: Present Tense 2, Past Tense 2, & Checkpoint (due tomorrow)
Math: 1) p 60 #6-12 in book 2) equation wksht (front and back).
Science: Measure Assessment should be completed & submitted in Dohan/ Merten Science HW bin.

Friday, January 6th
ELA: Finish giving feedback on your partner's draft (directly on rubric/draft) 2. Bring in headphones for Monday
Spanish: pg 214 Actividad 6 and play Hangman Animals 1 at least 2 times
Math: DUE TUESDAY - 1) p 60 #6-12 in book 2) equation wksht (front and back)
Science: Complete In-class Skills Test: Measuring & Calculating(if not submitted)

Thursday, January 5th
ELA: 1. No Read Ink (up to checkpoint with regular tenses) 2. Print a copy of your essay (as is) 3. Bring in headphones
Spanish: Complete WS 1-10 and finish 5 notecards of vocab words
Math: Solving Equations wksht odds only (left column), quiz tomorrow on solving equations
Science: NH

Wednesday, January 4th
Religion (Pattee): complete Catholic Connections worksheet (2 boxes only)
ELA: 1. Watch works cited video & create citation using easybib (copy and paste after your conclusion paragraph) 2. Due Friday: No Red Ink all the way up to checkpoint with regular tenses
Spanish: Create 10 Note cards with Spanish word and picture one side/ English other for 10 vocab words
Math: Expressions & Equations Quizlet
Science: Complete 'Research It!' station - see 7 Science wiki page for link under 'SPM links'.
Write GC values from task on Measure packet.

Monday, December 19 -- Tuesday, January 3rd
ELA: Watch conclusion video & take notes on 2 parts of conclusion paragraph (and the visual) in section 3 of ELA notebook 2. purple worksheet -- only do side that says "practice with conclusions"
Science - calculate density of unknown cube
Math: Finish Buzz Math "Solving More Equations with Variables on Both Sides"

Friday, December 16
Bring in goodies for mission boxes!!
ELA: 1. Watch Intro Paragraph video (minutes 3:30-4:50) and take notes on the 3 parts (and what each includes) in section 3 of ELA notebook 2. worksheet on intro. paragraphs
Math: Buzz Math "Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides" (NOT "Solving MORE Equations with Variables on Both Sides")
Health: TEST Monday
Science: Read/annotate text p18-19 Density + text boxes & problems. Lesson 3 Review Q's p32.

Thursday Dec 15, 2016
Bring in goodies for mission boxes!!
ELA: Re-watch concluding sentence video & take notes in section 3 of ELA notebook about purpose, how to write it, and transitions to start a concluding sentence
Math: NH
Science: Use evidence from your data table of measure mass exercise to answer in complete sentences: 'Which item has the most mass? Which item has the lowest mass?'
Dohan: NH
Merten: Read 22.6, introduction paragraph and subheading: The Merrimar and Monitor. Answer the following question in your notebook: What are the four new technological firsts that occurred in the Civil War?

Wednesday, December 14
ELA: 4 sections of NRI: 1. Capitalizing Titles 2. Rules of Cap. 3. Identifying Tenses of Action Verbs 4. Present Tense I
SS: Sign assessment
Math: MERTEN: Finish other side of wksht PATTEE: different assignments per person ALL: sign quiz
Science: (Pattee) Read, annotate & complete text boxes for 'Measure Matter' pp14-17 (mass, vol. only)
Spanish: Work on Pamphlet on "Para Mantener La Salud"
Have Parents Sign The Quiz and Return

Tuesday, December 13
Bring in materials for soldier care packages -- thanks to for the quick response already!
Spanish: Draft of Pamphlet of Staying Healthy -
ELA: Cut, order, and color-code paragraph (on separate sheet of paper)
Science: Merten- Read text & complete text boxes p14-17 (mass & volume only); Dohan- Read Hobbit passage, answer Q's, find author purpose, text structure.
Math: Merten: Equation wksht front side (show all work), Dohan: Equation wksht both sides (show all work)
SS: Complete two more pages of your Civil War Story Book (title page, strengths and weaknesses, third battle, major leaders and generals)

Monday, December 12
Bring materials for solider care packages
ELA: 1. Complete WW 5E 2. WW Lesson 5 Test tomorrow
Math: Buzz Math "Writing Expressions"
Spanish: Complete wkst pg. 113-114 part 1
SS: Civil War Book: 2 battle pages using the template 2. quiz tomorrow
Health: Test next Monday

Friday, December 9
ELA: For Monday: 1. Revise thesis & topic sentences on yellow sheet (as needed) 2. Type these 4 sentences onto your "Planning Structure" 3. Feedback conference form for your homeroom (Dohan HR; Merten HR) 4. For Tuesday: WW 5E and Lesson 5 test
Sciece: NH
SS: 1) Civil War Story Book: Complete two battle pages using the template (due Tuesday). 2) Quiz on Tuesday
Math: Buzz Math "Writing Expressions"
Spanish: Complete the WS pg 113 &114 Part 1

Thursday, December 8
ELA: 1. Finish making outline & defining each part for body paragraph 1 (use document) 2. WW Lesson 5 test on Tuesday + WW 5 E due Tuesday
Spanish: Complete Review WS- Quiz Tommorow!! STUDY! CHECK MAILBOX
Math: 1) Finish Buzz Maths 2) p 58 #1-16 on LL 3) quiz tomorrow on properties + factoring
Science: NH
SS: Study for quiz on Tuesday

Wednesday, December 7
ELA: 1. Give partner feedback on relevance of evidence for character's growth (directly on the chart) 2. No Red Ink -- 4 sections due tomorrow 3. Due Tuesday: WW 5E & Lesson 5 test
Spanish: pg 197 Actividad 27 COMPLETE SENTENCES- Quiz friday
Math: EngageNY Distributive & Factoring wksht
Science: Complete 'Classify Matter' R&R ws as prep for vocab assessment tomorrow/Thurs
Review Link:Understanding Atoms, elements, compounds

Tuesday, December 6
ELA: 1. Finish your assigned characters for the Seedfolks chart (15 min) 2. WW 5D due tomorrow 3. No Red Ink -- 4 sections due Thursday
SS: 1) Complete discussion questions from 22.5 if not completed in class. 2). Gettysburg Address vocabulary, check wiki for website for definitions.
Math: p 56 #1-8 + Try These D
Science: watch BrainPop Compounds & Mixtures video + take notes.
Compounds and Mixtures (BrainPop)

Monday, December 5
ELA: 1.WW 5D due Wed, 2. NRI sections due tomorrow, 3. If unfinished, complete the thesis and topic sentence wkst.
Math: Finish properties slide(s)
Science: Complete reading & text boxes of L2/Ch1.2 Classify Matter pp8-13
Health - finish study guide & other website packet

Thursday, December 1
ELA: 1. Read "Nora" "Amir" and "Florence" and answer comp. questions for "Nora & Amir" 2. WW 5B & C are due Monday 3. No Red Ink (4 sections) = due Tuesday
Health: complete slides on 6 tactics smoking companies use to advertise; 2 videos and study for quiz.
Science: 'Describe Matter' vocabulary assessment Monday. Review notes, text, worksheets.
SS: Read 22.4: Antietam: A Bloody Affair and answer questions on the wiki in your notebook.
Math: p 53 #9-12
Spanish: pg 190 Read Plurals of.... & Complete Actividad 17. Write the sentences not just the answers.

Wednesday, November 30
ELA: 1. Read in Seedfolks up to p. 58 & answer comp. questions in c. sentences for "Virgil, Sae Young, and Curtis" 2. NRI sections due tomorrow 3. WW 5B & C due Monday
Math: p 51 #1-9 and sign your test
Science: complete 'Describe Matter' ws - both sides
SS: Maybe...possibly...some way to capture knowledge on the N/S strengths and weaknesses and the Anaconda Plan three stages....

Tuesday, November 29
ELA: 1. Read in Seedfolks up to p. 35 & answer comp. questions in complete sentences for "Gonzalo, Leona, and Sam" 2. 5A due tomorrow 3. NRI (3 sections on capitalization due Thursday)
Math: Getting Ready p 50 #1-8 in book
Science: Describe Matter pp4-7 Read, annotate, complete text boxes
SS: Read 22.3(new text)22.1(old text): Bull Run, A Great Awakening. Answer the discussion questions posted on the SS wiki page. Write both the question and answer into your SS notebook.

Spanish: Study Oracion Padre Nuestro- pg 188 Actividad 13 COMPLETE SENTENCES

Monday, November 28
ELA: Read in Seedfolks up to p. 17 & answer comp. questions for "Kim, Ana, and Wendell" 2. WW 5A due Wed.
Science: Complete Text Feature Scavenger Hunt + example page.
Religion (Merten): Listen to last 8 minutes of podcast
Math: Test tomorrow on percent application
SS: 1) Finish strengths & weaknesses of North & South 2) Book cover by Friday

Tuesday Nov 22, 2016
ELA: 1. Get your paragraph signed (if you haven't already) 2. Get sleep 3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Science: Say thank you to your parents.
SS: Book cover due next week!
Spanish: Finish Crossword Search - Finish YOUR Turkey Hand- Yo estoy agradecida por.......

Monday, November 21
Spanish: Actividad 7 pg 185-& actividad 10 (complete)
ELA: parent signature on TBWD paragraph
Religion: completed essay (can be left in outline format)
Science: watch 'size of atom' video (5min)

Friday, November 18
ELA/Religion: Draft of your body paragraphs for gratitude essay due Monday
Math: Finish front page of study guide
SS: Complete a book check for damages. List damages on a separate sheet of paper.

Spanish: Actividad 7 pg 185-& actividad 10
ELA/Religion: 1. Listen to Ted Talk & explain connection between gratitude & happiness (in religion notebook) 2. Find & record a quote about gratitude (also in religion notebook)
Spanish: Merten - Complete WS pg 59 Dohan- Complete WS

SS: Sign test and make test corrections on separate paper, stapled to

the back of your test.

Math: 1) quiz signed 2) p 128 #1-8 (show all work in book or in notebook)
Science: Read over lab procedure for 'Phun Putty' & prep by sketching steps in sci NB.

Wednesday, November 16
Religion (Dohan): Draft your thesis + topic sentences for gratitude essay (for tomorrow)
ELA: 1. Watch & take guided notes on Concluding Sentences + In-text Citations 2. Complete pink wkst (both sides)
Math: Simple Interest wksht #1-5 (#6 for challenge)
Science:Copy data table into Sci NB
SS: Civil War vocabulary on wiki
Spanish: Read pg 181-182 Answer Questions in Complete Sentences

Tuesday, November 15
Religion (Dohan): brainstorming main ideas + facts/support on wkst (front side only)
ELA: 1. Watch & notes on video (side 1 of wkst) 2. complete back side of wkst
Science: parent signature on all 3 assessments. Assessment scores are uploaded in MC.
Spanish: Write down bolded Blue words pg 178- 182 - EXCEPT FOODS / Answer Questions on page 180
Make sure to have skit PRINTED
Math: Quiz tomorrow on percent application (jeopardy review game on wiki)

Monday, November 14
Merten Religion: Draft of thesis & topic sentences for gratitude essay (worksheet)
ELA: 1. Finish both sides of cream/tan worksheet--commentary practice + record explicit evidence
Math: Buzz Math "Percent Proportions"
SS: Test on Wed

Friday, November 11
ELA: 1. Finish TBWD (145-165) and notes on your question (1s = A; 2s = B; 3s = C; 4s =D) 2. Sign WW Lesson 4 test for Wednesday
Math: p 124 #6-10
Science: NH

Thursday, November 10
ELA: 1. Make flashcards for grad/gress and study for tomorrow's Greek/Latin root (last of T1) 2. practice with topic sentences (section 3 of ELA notebook)
Science: Complete 'Drawing Conclusion' Q's
SS: Quiz over 21.7 - 21.9 tomorrow
Spanish: Cubs WS Due/ Skit Completed, Checked by Ms. V, and Printed Before Class 3 Copies
Math: 1) Finish the Biggest Loser wksht 2) p 123 #1-4

Wednesday, November 9
ELA: 1. Read up to p. 145 (break) 1s=A; 2s=B; 3s=C; 4s=D)
Math: p 121-122 #8, 10, 12, 14
Science: NH
Spanish: ws + script

Spanish: Finish Skit. Make sure you share it with Ms. V so she is able to make corrections.
Crossword WS
Tuesday, November 8 -- ELECTION DAY!
ELA: 1. Complete worksheet with "Eleven" -- remember to go back to the text!!
Spanish: Finish Skit following the example/ CUBS WS Due Thursday
Math: p 120 #5-7
Science: complete review ws for Sci Method vocab assessment WED.

Monday, November 7
ELA: 1. Read "Eleven" & summarize (in section 2 of ntbk) 2. make flash cards for mob/mot/mov(summative assessment on Friday)
Math: 1) Test signed 2) p 118 #7-13
Science: Complete 'Interpreting Data' Q's ws
Health: sign Nutrition unit test

Friday, November 4
Science: Due:Complete Apple-Lemon Lab + print off/submit.
Spanish: Finish Cubs WS

Thursday, Novemeber 3
ELA: WW 4E and Study for WW 4 Test tomorrow
Science: Complete Apple-Lemon Lab + print off/submit.
SS: sign Quiz
Spanish: Completed WS "Me gusta/n" due Tommorow
Due Tuesday: pg 171 Skit Presentation, Must be Typed in a Word Document with your questions and partner's answers. Check conjugations, spelling, questions.
Math: 1) sign test 2) Buzz Math "Percent of a Quantity"

Wednesday, November 2
ELA: WW 4E due Friday; Study for WW Test Friday
Religion (Dohan): Study for Prayer Assessment tomorrow with Study Guide
Math: Watch Virtual Nerd "Finding Equation for Percent of a Number" + notes and "Proportion to Find Percent of a Number" + notes
Science: Root for Cubs - .
Spanish:pg 167 Actividad 28/
Dohan's pg 168-169 Preguntas Comprendes?

Tuesday, November 1
ELA: WW 4C & D; Read p. 115-131 and anwer question, if you did not complete in class
Science: yellow Sci Method crossword puzzle (Dohan: see mailbox); word search = optional
Math: NH (test today)

Monday, October 31
ELA: WW 4C and D due on Wednesday
Math: Test tomorrow integers
Science: NH
Spanish: DoNow WS Completed both sides, and Complete pg 95 WS

Friday, October 28
ELA: Finish reading Sorry, Wrong Number and complete comprehension questions 1-19. Don't do During Listening section.
Math: Finish packet
Science: make sure Apple/Lemon lab Q's (Analyze & Conclude) are completed in science NB.
Math: Finish study guide, test on Tuesday

Thursday, October 27
Math: Study Guide up to including #35, test on Tuesday
Science: Complete Apple-Lemon lab procedure + create data table in Sci NB
SS: Study (more) for Quiz Friday
Spanish: Paragraph on (loose-leaf) of what you want to learn about in spanish :)

Wednesday, October 26
ELA:WW 4B due Friday; Theme worksheet for A Bad Case of the Stripes. Text is linked
Math: Study Guide #1-10 (no estimating, find the solution)
Science: Complete Variable ID on Experiment #1 & Experiment #2.
SS: Quiz over 21.1-21.6 tomorrow
Spanish: pp165 activity #25

Tuesday, October 25
ELA: Read p. 97- break at the top of pg. 115 and notes on the same questions as Friday on your spreadsheet
-WW 4A
Math: 1) Watch Virtual Nerd "What is scientific notation?" + notes 2) sign quiz
Science: Complete variable practice ws - identify MV & RV for each scenario.
SS: Finish class-work/ tree-map
Spanish: pp 161 in text; answer 1-8 in Span NB

Monday, October 24
ELA: Watch theme video & complete guided notes + WW 4A
WW 4A is due Wednesday
Math: p 34-35 #4-11
Science: NH
Spanish:Complete WS Front and Back, Work on last minute changes of the Menu
Health: Study Guide

Friday, October 21
ELA: Do notes on google sheets for TBWD.
Math: worksheet
Spanish:Complete WS Front and Back, Work on last minute changes of the Menu
Science: Complete Gummy Bear Lab (1) written responses from day 2 observations (2)'publish results' task + add 1 hypothesis
SS: Complete tree map on 21.6.

Thursday, October 20
ELA: Study for 3 WW Test, Complete WW 3E
Science: calculate gummy bear volume + color sketch of gummy bear on lab data worksheet.
Spanish: Need to have Draft of Menu- Includes Desayuno, Almuerzo, Cena, Bebidas/Refrescos, Precios,Spanish/English Translation
Math: Integer wksht
SS: Dohan:Complete tree map for Ostend Manifesto/Kansas-Nebraska Act and Blooshed in Kansas
SS: Merten: Annotate and tree map for Ostend Manifesto/Kansas-Nebraska Act

Wednesday, October 19
Religion: projects due tomorrow -- share with your teacher!
ELA: 1. Point of View worksheet with "Scholarship Jacket" (text below) 2. Quiz on point of view tomorrow 3. WW3E & Test on Friday
Math: 1) p 23 in book 2) get quiz signed
Science: complete 'hypothesis' practice Q's

Tuesday, October 18
ELA: 1. Read Scholarship Jacket & answer "Day 1" questions (wkst) 2. WW 3D due tomorrow 3. sign quizzes
Science: Complete Q8 on 'pose Q's ws.
Spanish: Divide work with your partner to Create your Desayuno, Almuerzo, Y Cena Menu in a seperate WS.
Math: 1) Finish your equation and number for your round 2) Mult/Div Preassessment
SS: 21.6 The Compromise of 1850 Unravels. Read, annotate and tree map the first two sub headings (Fugitive Slave Law and Uncle Tom's Cabin)

Monday, October 17
ELA: 1. Watch point of view video .+Take notes on green sheet in section 2 of ELA notebook 2. Finish the No Red Ink (including checkpoint) 3. Due Wednesday: signed quiz + WW 3D
Math: 1) Groups ABC: p 21 #6-17 OR Groups DEFG: Subtraction wksht 2) quiz tomorrow on decimal/fraction operations
Science: Complete Lab Stations - See Mrs. Merten for specific station task cards if needed.
SS: 21.5 The Compromise of 1850, annotate and tree map

Thursday, October 13 ALL DUE MONDAY OCT 17
ELA: Due Monday 1. WW 3B & 3C 2. Read pp. 70 (after break) - 86 (to break) and complete notes for your question (1s=C, 2s=D, 3s=A, 4s=B)
Spanish: Dohan: Complete the Vocab WS, Play Hangman Game (food 1 & food 2), Write 3 vocab words for food 1, &5 food 2 you did not know in your Notebook.
Spanish Merten: Play Hangman Game Food 1&2, write down 5 vocabulary words you did not know for both.
Science: NH - but know scientific method...
Math: Adding Integer Wksht in mailbox, quiz on fractions/decimals on Monday
SS: Annotate 21.4 + Do tree maps on wiki

Wednesday, October 12
ELA: 1. Watch/read Chyrsanthemum & track Chry's emotions + proof (in section 2 of ELA notebook) 2. WW 3B & C due next Monday

Math: Integer Preassessment

Spanish: Realidades pg 155- Venn diagram- Que comes en el desayuno? En el almuerzo? , Vocabulary Notecards WS
Dohan: Pg 154 Las Diferencias en la cocina, pg 155 Venn Diagram
Science: Access Sci Method link- finish notes for Sci Method tutorial - be sure to click on 'begin' to go into tutorial

Tuesday, October 11
ELA: 1. 62-70 + notes on your question (1s=C; 2s=D; 3s =A'; 4s =B) 2. WW 3A due tomorrow
Math:1) test signed 2) p 12 Try These A-B, #1-7
Spanish: Realidades pg 150 Preguntas 1-2
Science: First 5 vocab on ws: science inquiry, hypothesis, variable, manipulated variable, responding variable.
SS: Finish the packet from class (quizlet)

Friday, October 7
ELA: 1. complete NRI (advanced + checkpoint) 2. Read & complete your notes for 45-62 (same ? as last time! Dohan ; Merten)
Spanish: Complete 2 Worksheets if not finished in class. Estudia para el Quiz de vocabulario el martes!
Math: p 10 Group1: #12-19, Group2: #22-27, Group3: #20, 21, 28, 29, 30
Science: NH
SS: Complete Electoral College Quizlet

Thursday, October 6
SS: Electoral College packet. Don't forget to color the map! (Dohan only) (Merten, no HW)
ELA: 1. Practice with conflictin section 2 of ELA notebook 2. Sentences 6-10 + study for Greek & Latin root test
Science: NH
Math: same from yesterday
Spanish: Study for speaking test Friday

Wednesday, October 5
ELA: 1. Notes on conflict with video (in ELA notebook; section 2) 2. Make changes to your during reading notes (look at teacher feedback) -- need BWD book
Math: Finish decimal work from class for your group (Group1: p 4 #9-15, Group2: p 5 #1-4 + Try These A, Group3: p 5 Try These B + #5-13, Group4: Charmin Challenge)
Science: create tree map of 'think a scientist' (skills, attitudes) as study guide.
Spanish:Using 5 vocabulary words, write 5 sentences in the present tense and 5 in the Present Progressive tense.

Tuesday, October 4
Religion (Dohan): top half of "Forms of Prayer" worksheet
ELA: 1.Greek & Latin root sentences 1-5 (with context clues) 2. Identify two writing goals 3. Revise & rewrite/type your paragraph to turn in tomorrow -- printed before class!
Spanish: Study for Vocabulary Quiz on Tuesday and Study for Speaking Quiz on FRIDAY!!!
Science: Complete 'Classify' questions 1-3 from classify handout.
Math: NH (test today)

Monday, October 3
ELA: 1. Greek/Latin roots -- visuals + defs 2. Read & your details up to 41 (1s = B; 2s = C; 3s= D; 4s = A)
Science: Complete science class floor plan (see step 5 = 5 C's). Outline (use a ruler!) & label in ink, Add color.
Math: Test tomorrow
SS: Fill out ws- use annotations from 21.2

Friday, September 30
Religion (Dohan): Cornell notes for 5 key terms in Religion notebooks. (Merten) complete 'Forms of Prayer' ws 41B.
ELA: 1. Read from 11 to very top of 25 (stop after break) 2. Record details for your question up to p. 25 (1s=A; 2s =B; 3s =C; 4s =D)
Math: Analyzing & Making Inferences Study Guide, test on Tuesday
Science: NH
SS: Tree Map for Big Idea section: 21.2
Health: video, worksheet, powerpoint pres.

Thursday, September 29
Spanish: two lines each on Spanish skit
ELA: 1. Anti-Jewish decrees wkst 2. WW 2E & Study for Lesson 2 WW test (tomorrow!)
Science: Complete written paragraph regarding creating a water cycle matter. Address all questions.
SS: Annotate 21.3: The Missouri Compromise
Math: 1) Sign quiz, 2) Finish up to and including #28 on study guide (calculator allowed), test on Tuesday

Wednesday, September 28
ELA 1. Read and record details up to p. 11 (1s = ?A, 2s=?B, 3s = ?C, 4s =?D) 2. WW 2E & test on Friday
Math: Study Guide page 1 only
SS: Northwest Ordinance: How a new state is added: Flow Map
Science: Complete Q 4 (analyze & conclude) of Inference lab
Spanish: Work on Skit, Add at least 2 lines to your part.

Tuesday, September 27
ELA: 1. 4 predictions in section 2 of notebook 2. top part of yellow worksheet only 3. WW 2D due tomorrow
Math: 1) MAD worksheet 2) quiz tomorrow on box plots
Science: Complete 'prediction' practice question ws.
SS: Complete debate notes if not watched, due tomorrow
Health: video, worksheet, powerpoint pres.
Spanish - translate paragraph

Monday, September 26
SS: Debate notes (20-30 from the debate). Be objective! (Due Wed)
Math: 1) Buzz Math "Mean and Mean Absolute Deviation 2) Quiz on Wed on box plots
ELA: 1. In section 2 of ntbk: propaganda reflection 2. WW 2D due Wed (write sentence for 6-10)
Science: Complete Observation ws as hw.
Health: make /eat this not 'that' powerpoint + video

Thursday, September 22
ELA: 1. Analogy worksheet (2 sides) 2. WW 2B & 2C due Monday
Religion (all): 1. Finish color-coding & labeling brain 2. Bring in headphones
Math: Histogram wksht (create two histograms on the back - one for actresses, one for actors - using only their ages, then compare/contrast the two histograms)
Science: NH
SS: 1) Finish annotating the text for 21.1 and 21.2. 2) Discussion questions (on the wiki)

Wednesday, September 21
Religion: bring in headphones (both classes)
ELA: 1. complete "after viewing" 2. create timeline with worksheet 3. WW2B & C due Monday
Science: Read (only) & annotate 'Thinking Like a Scientist'.
Spanish: Write 1 paragraph using 7 vocabulary words, with different conjugations. Ejemplo: Yo visito a mi prima. Mi madre limpia la casa.
SS: Color in two of the maps in your notebook
Math: p 367 #13-21 in book

Tuesday, September 20
ELA: 1. WW 2A due tomorrow 2. Watch video & complete worksheets--front and back (do not do ANY sections labeled After Watching)
Science: Complete guided reading (GR) activity associated w/packet 'Scientific Inquiry' (except for vocabulary words on front page of GR).
Math: p 362 #1-5 (Remember IQR = Interquartile Range, found by subtracting Q3-Q1)

Monday, Sept. 19
ELA: 1. Helmuth Fakebook page 2. Study for Greek & Latin root test tomorrow.
Science: Preview text packet & List all text features (as listed on ITB) you notice in 'Scientific Inquiry' handout.
Math: 1) Watch Virtual Nerd "How do you make a box plot?" + notes 2) Peer Review for Sampling Project.
Health: watch video + pkt ws.

Friday, September 16
ELA 1. Complete "Info Text Breakdown" wkst (Dohan: all wkst) + read & "picky" annotate "Helmuth Hubener" article 2. Greek & Latin root "cap" test on Tuesday
Spanish: complete both sides of worksheet
Health: watch video
Math: 1) Sign quiz 2) Section 6 completed and printed off
Science: NH

Thursday, September 15
SS: Notes on Civil War
ELA: 1. Sentences 6-10 w/context clues 2. Finish "Jackie Robinson" by annotating and summarizing last two sections
Science: Complete ITB for selected article & answer 5W's on back.
Math: Sampling Project completed by end of class Friday (collaborate with group on parts)
Health: watch video
Make sure you know how to answer the following questions:

1. Como estas? Como te llamas? Donde vives? De donde eres? Que dia es hoy? Que haces regularmente?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
ELA: 1. Two NoRedInk Topics: "Identifying Simple Subjects" + "Identifying Pronouns as Subjects" 2. Create sentences w/context clues for "mov, mot, mob" words 1-5
Math: Complete Sections I-III with explanations on Googledoc for Sampling Project.
Science: NH :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
ELA: 1. Read & do worksheet for "Crooked Election" 2. Visuals & explanations for Greek & Latin root "mov"
Science: (1) Read Lucy article; (2) Complete ITB fully.
SS: 1) Complete draft of slave journal on Google Doc. 2) Print and bring in for Museum Walk
Math: NH

Monday, September 12, 2016
ELA: 1. NRI: Identifying Complete Subjects 2. Read A Bad Case of Stripes or A Bad Case of Stripes and create total of 6 questions (1 of each type & 2 of your choice!) on Dohan HR or Merten HR
Science: Find or create one headline for each PIE purpose
Math: quiz tomorrow on sampling/statistical questions

Friday, September 9, 2016
Spanish: complete packet
ELA: NoRed Ink Pretest
Math: Buzz Math: "Using a Sample to Generalize an Event," quiz on Tuesday on sampling
Science: Lab ws - Baking Soda Cannon Q's
SS: 1) Complete worksheet on slave journal activity (from your small group). 2) draft a journal from one of your slave quilt squares.

Thursday, September 8, 2016
ELA: 1. Finish notes on types of questions (on 7th ELA wiki) 2. WW 1E due tomorrow + Lesson 1 test tomorrow
Science: 1) Sketch lab procedure steps in Sci NB. "Baking Soda Cannon"
2) Parent signature on safety assessment.
Math: Histogram Packet #1-8
SS: 1)Finish slave quilt 2) 10 minute journal entry (free choice of topic!)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
ELA: 1. Watch "Partly Cloudy 2. Answer Google form for your homeroom to evaluate stork (Dohan HR / Merten HR) 3. WW 1E due Friday (test Friday!)
Math: p 335 #23-31
Science: Complete safety icon poster if unfinished.
Spanish: pp. 10-11 in packet
Health: video

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
ELA: 1. Read Freedom on the Menu and record at least 6 connections (goal: at least 2 types) 2. WW1C & D due tomorrow
Science: signed safety contract w/ parent signature
SS: Choose Kiva loan recipient (
Math: Buzz Math "Histograms"

Friday, September 2
ELA: analogy practice 1 2. WW 1C & D due Wednesday
Math: p 326 #7-10 (pie chart with Birthday Data)
Science: NH

Thursday, September 1
ELA: 1. Visualize 2 poems (wkst) 2. WW 1B due tomorrow
Math: Buzz Math "Populations & Samples"
Science: Study
Spanish: wkst & 3 sentences about tus padres

Wednesday, August 31
ELA: 1. predictions worksheet (front and back) 2. WW 1B due Friday
Religion: NH
Math: Buzz Math "Line Plots"
Science: study
Spanish: write the scenario for introduction (in notebook)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
SS: 1) Student Job Application if still not completed.
ELA: WW 1A due tomorrow
Math: 1) Activate Buzz Math Account 2) Complete 7th Grade Questionnaire
Science: Lab Safety Test Friday.
Health: NH
Religion: NH

Monday, August 29, 2016
SS: 1) Student Job Application, 2) Summer Bridge Quiz tomorrow
Science: prep for science safety quiz Friday
ELA: WW 1A due Wed
1) Activate Buzz Math Account 2) Complete 7th Grade Questionnaire

Thursday Aug 25,2016
Decorate Binder
Submit Permission slips if needed
Complete Bridge work